What is Bes?

Legal Definition
Bes (/bɛs/; also spelled as Bisu) is an Ancient Egyptian deity worshipped as a protector of households, and in particular, of mothers and children and childbirth. Bes later came to be regarded as the defender of everything good and the enemy of all that is bad. While past studies identified Bes as a Middle Kingdom import from Nubia, more recent research indicates that he was present in Egypt since the start of Old Kingdom. Mentions of Bes can be traced to pre-dynastic Nile Valley cultures; however his cult did not become widespread until the beginning of the New Kingdom.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
Lat. In the Roman law. A division of the as or pound, consisting of eight unciae or duodecimal parts, and amounting to two-thirds of the as. 2 BL Comm. 462, note m. Two-thirds of an inheritance, Inst. 2, 14, 5. Eight per cent, interest 2 Bl. Comm. ubi supra.
-- Black's Law Dictionary