What is Battel?

Legal Definition
Battel, or Battels, is a term still used at the University of Oxford to refer to the food ordered by members of the college as distinct from the usual "commons". Hence it also referred to college accounts for board and provisions supplied from kitchen and buttery, and, generally, the whole of a person's college accounts. Though the distinction from commons is no longer relevant, the term persists as the name for members' termly bills at many colleges at the Universities of Oxford and Durham.

Batteler, later a resident in a college, was originally a rank of students between commoners and servitors who, as the name implies, were not supplied with "commons", but only such provisions as they ordered for themselves.

The inventory of Henry Thorlthorpe, a Vicar Choral of the church of Saint Peter in York — the Minster — who died in 1426, includes in the debts he has to pay battels of this sort. When he died in 1426 his probate inventory, in the Borthwick Institute of Historical Records at the University of York as translated by Philip Stell in Probate Inventories of the York Diocese (AY2/3, ISBN 1-874454-37-X), says "for batells that Henry owes to the community of parsons 2 pence".
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Legal Definition
In French Bataille; Old English law. An ancient and barbarous mode of trial, by Bingle combat, called wager of battel, where, in appeals of felony, the appellee might fight with the appellant to prove his innocence. It was also used in affairs of chivalry or honor, and upon civil cases upon certain issues. Co. Litt. 294. Till lately it disgraced the English code. This mode of trial was abolished in England by stat. 59 Geo.,III. c. 46.

2. This mode of trial was not peculiar to England. The emperor Otho, A. D. 983, held a diet at Verona, at which several sovereigns and great lords of Italy, Germany and France were present. In order to put a stop to the frequent perjuries in judicial trials, this diet substituted in all cases, even in those which followed the course of the Roman law, proof by combat for proof by oath. Henrion de Pansey, Auth. Judic. Introd. c. 3; and for a detailed account of this mode of trial see Herb. Antiq. of the Inns of Court, 119-145.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Trial by combat; wager of battel.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A duel; a combat.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary