What is Autrefois Convict?

Legal Definition
Crim. law, pleading. A plea made by a defendant, indicted for a crime or misdemeanor, that he has formerly been tried and convicted of the same.

2. As a man once tried and acquitted of an offence is not again to be placed in jeopardy for the same cause, so, a fortiori, if he has suffered the penalty due to his offence, his conviction ought to be a bar to a second indictment for the same cause, least he should be punished twice for the same crime. 2 Hale, 251; 4 Co, 394; 2 Leon,. 83.

3. The form of this plea is like that of autrefois acquit; (q. v.) it must set out the former record, and show the identity of the offence and of the person by proper averments. Hawk. B. 2, c. 36; Stark. Cr. Pi. 363; Arcb. Cr, PI, 92; 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 462; 4 Bl. Com. 335; 11 Verm. R. 516.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Formerly convicted. In criminal law. A plea by a criminal in bar to an indictment that he has been formerly convicted of the same identical crime. 4 Bl. Comm. 336 ; 4 Steph. Comm. 404; Simco v. State, 9 Ter. App. 348; U. S v. Olsen (D. Ct) 57 Fed. 582; Shepherd v. People, 25 N. Y. 420.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Previously convicted.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary