What is Assignation?

Legal Definition
Scotch law. The ceding or yielding a thing to another of which intimation must be made. ASSIGNEE. One to whom an assignment has been made.

2. Assignees are either assignees in fact or assignees in law. An assignee in fact is one to whom an assignment has been made in fact by the party having the right. An assignee in law is one in whom the law vest's the right, as an executor or administrator. Co. Litt. 210 a, note 1; Hob. 9. Vide Assigns, and 1 Vern. 425; 1 Salk. 81 7 East, 337; Bac. Ab. Covenant, E; a Saund. 182, note 1; Arch. Civ. PI. 50, 58, 70 Supp, to Ves. Jr, 72 2 Phil. Ev. Index, h. t.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A Scotch law term equivalent to assignment, (q. vt) Assignatus utitur jure anetor is. An assignee uses the right of his principal; an assignee la clothed with the rights of his principal. Halk. Max. p. 14; Broom, Max. 465.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
(Scotch) An assignment.—Bouvier Law Dictionary.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary