What is Argumentative?

Legal Definition
Argumentative is an evidentiary objection raised in response to a question which prompts a witness to draw inferences from facts of the case. An "argumentative" objection is often stated as "Objection, your Honor, argumentative.".

One common misconception is that argumentative questions are meant only to cause a witness to argue with the examiner. This is incorrect, because an argumentative objection may be raised only when the lawyer herself is making a legal argument under the guise of asking a question. "Badgering the witness" is the proper objection for a lawyer who is antagonizing or mocking a witness by asking insulting or derisive questions, perhaps in an attempt to provoke an emotional response.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
In pleading. Indirect; inferential. Steph. PI. 179. A pleading is so called in which the statement on which the pleader relies is implied instead of being expressed, or where it contains, in addition to proper statements of facts, reasoning or arguments upon those facts and their relation to the matter in dispute, such as should be reserved for presentation at the trial.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
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