What is Annuitant?

Legal Definition
An annuitant is a person who is entitled to receive benefits from an annuity.

Since 2000, in the United States of America, Federal and State agencies have allowed the re-hiring of retired employees without the loss of their retirement benefits. Such a "re-hire" is referred to as an annuitant. Often a maximum number of hours per year which the annuitant may work is specified.

For instance, the State of California has posted its guidelines.

This concept often allows agencies to benefit from the experience of retired employees who may be relied upon to share their experience and training with new hires, or to supplement or "bridge" areas where person power is needed but not currently affordable.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
A person who is entitled to benefit from an annuity.
Legal Definition
The recipient of an annuity; one who is entitled to an annuity.
-- Black's Law Dictionary