What is Amotion?

Legal Definition
Tort. An amotion of possession from an estate, is an ouster which happens by a species of disseisin or turning out of the legal propritor before his estate is determined. 3 Bl. Com. 198, 199. Amotion is also applied to personal chattels when they are taken unlawfully out of the possession of the owner, or of one who has a special property in them.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
A putting or turning out; dispossession of lands. Ouster Is an amotion of possession. 3 Bl. Cofnm. 199, 208. A moving or carrying away; the wrongful taking of personal chattels. Archb. Civil PI. Introd. c. 2, ยง 3. In corporation law. The act of removing an officer, or official representative, of a corporation from his office or official station, before the end of the term for which he was elected or appointed, but without depriving him of membership in the body corporate. In this last respect the term differs from "disfranchlsement," (or expulsion,) which imports the removal of the party from the corporation Itself, and his deprivation of all rights of membership. White v. Brownell, 2 Daly (N. Y.) 356; Richards v. Clarksburg, 30 W. Va. 491, 4 S. E. 774.
-- Black's Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Removal; expulsion.
-- Ballentine's Law Dictionary