What is Aforesaid?

Legal Definition
Before mentioned; already spoken of. This is used for the purpose of identifying a person or thing; as where Peter, of the city of Philadelphia, has been mentioned; when it is necessary to speak of him, it is only requisite to say Peter aforesaid, and if the city of Philadelphia, it may be done as the city of Philadelphia, aforesaid.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
Before or already said, mentioned or recited; premised. Plowd. 67. Foresaid Is used in Scotch law. Although the words "preceding" and "aforesaid" generally mean next before, and "following" means next after, yet a different signification will be given to them if required by the context and the facis of the case. Simpson v. Robert, 35 Ga. 180.
-- Black's Law Dictionary