What is Adminicle?

Legal Definition
1. A term, in the Scotch and French law, for any writing or deed referred to by a party, in an action at law, for proving his allegations.

2. An ancient term for aid or support.

3. A term in the civil, law for imperfect proof. Tech. Dict. h. t.; Merl. Repert. mot Adminicule.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
In Scotch law. An aid or support to something else. A collateral deed or writing, referring to another which has been lost, and which it is in general necessary to produce before the tenor of the lost deed can be proved by parol evidence, Ersk. Inst b. 4, tit 1, ยง 55. Used as an English word in the statute of 1 Edw. IV. c. 1, in the sense of aid, or support In the civil law. Imperfect proof. Merl. Repert. See Adminiculum.
-- Black's Law Dictionary