What is Actions Rescissory?

Legal Definition
Scotch law. Are divided into, 1, Actions of proper improbation; 2, Actions of reduction-improbation; 3, Actions of simple reduction. Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 4 1, 5,

2. – 1. Proper improbation is an action brought for declaring writing false or forged.

3. – 2. Reduction-improbation is an action whereby a person who may be hurt, or affected by a writing, insists for producing or exhibiting it in court, in order to have it set aside or its effects ascertained, under the certification, that the writing if not produced, shall be declared false and forged.

4. – 3. In an action of simple reduction, the certification is only temporary, declaring the writings called for, null, until they be produced; so that they recover their full force after their production. Ib. 4, 1, 8.
-- Bouviers Law Dictionary
Legal Definition
In Scotch law. These are either

(1) actions of proper improbation for declaring a writing false or forged;

(2) actions of reduction-improbation for the production of a writing in order to have it set aside or its effect ascertained under the certification that the writing if not produced shall be declared false or forged; and

(3) actions of simple reduction, for declaring a writing called for null until produced. Ersk. Prin. 4, 1, 5.
-- Black's Law Dictionary