What is Accident Management?

Legal Definition
Accident management is the centralized handling of a motorist’s claim following a road traffic collision or other damages or mishaps that happen to a vehicle while on or off road. It is a cost-effective intermediary service which assists drivers in getting back on the road quickly and in managing the claims process alone. Whilst it is significantly more cost-effective for the innocent motorist, the service costs significantly more as a result - a cost borne by the insurer of the 'at-fault' driver.

The term encompasses a whole host of services; which may include 24-hour vehicle recovery, damage assessment, replacement car provision, arrangement of vehicle repairs, liaising with insurers, uninsured loss recovery, determining fault, personal injury assistance and help with paperwork.

It is a particularly useful service for vehicle fleet operators, who need to keep downtime to a minimum. An outsourced accident management service can save managers time and administration costs.
-- Wikipedia
Legal Definition
Controling accident potential by preventing escalation, achieving a safe state, or balancing consequences.