Wyoming Supreme Court Court Cases

  1. Dale v. S & S BUILDERS, LLC (2008)

    Representing Appellee State of Wyoming ex rel. Wyo. Workers' Safety & Comp. Div.: Bruce A. Salzburg, Wyoming Attorney General; John W. Renneisen, Deputy Attorney General; Steven R. Czoschke, Senior Assistant Attorney General; Kristi M. Radosevich, Assistant Attorney General.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: S-07-0145
  2. Parker Land & Cattle Co. v. WYO. GAME & FISH COMMISSION (1993)

    This case presents a substantial evidence question and a narrow question of first impression: Whether the legislature in enacting Wyo.Stat. § 23-1-901 (July 1986),[1] which permits a landowner to present a claim to the State Game and Fish Department (Department) for property damages caused by game animals, waived the state's sovereign immunity from a landowner's claim for damages for the loss of cattle allegedly caused by the disease of brucellosis transmitted to the cattle by state-owned elk [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 91-147
  3. Hopkinson v. State (1981)

    Gerald A. Stack, Deputy Atty. Gen., Bruce A. Salzburg, Senior Asst. Atty. Gen. (argued), Mary B. Guthrie, Asst. Atty. Gen., Edward P. Moriarity, Sp. Asst. Atty. Gen. (argued), and Brian E. Thiede, Law Clerk, Cheyenne, Wyo., signed the briefs for appellee.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 5268
  4. Martin v. State (1986)

    Appellant Robert Paul Martin, Jr., was convicted in Park County of first degree sexual assault and sentenced to imprisonment for not less than eight years nor more than fifteen years. He urges a single issue on appeal:

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 86-29
  5. Martinez v. State (1980)

    A jury found defendant-appellant guilty of violating § 31-11-102, W.S. 1977, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He was sentenced to imprisonment for not less than two years and not more than four years. He appeals from the judgment and sentence, alleging the commission of error in allowing the use of a deposition in lieu of the appearance of the witness at the trial.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 5212
  6. Wilder v. Cody Country Ch. of Commerce (1994)

    Following the termination of his employment, a former executive director of a non-profit corporation brought this action. In a multi-count complaint, the former executive director alleged breach of contract, bad faith and various tort claims against the corporation. The district court granted summary judgment on all counts in favor of the corporation. The district court found that despite the terms of a letter placing the former executive director on probationary status pending completion of an [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 93-22
  7. Amoco Production Co. v. Stauffer Chemical Co. (1980)

    William T. Schwartz, Cameron S. Walker of Schwartz, Bon & McCrary, Casper, and R.H. Landt, Denver, Colo., an attorney in good standing of the State Bars of Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, admitted specially for the purposes of this case, for appellant.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 5257
  8. Washakie Cty. Sch. Dist. No. One v. Herschler (1980)

    John D. Troughton, Atty. Gen., Mary B. Guthrie, Asst. Atty. Gen., Lawrence J. Wolfe, Legal Intern, T. Michael Golden, Rawlins, for Carbon County School Dist. No. 2; Ross D. Copenhaver, Powell, for Hot Springs County School Dist. No. 1 and Sublette County School Dist. No. 9; Dennis L. Sanderson, Kemmerer, for Lincoln County School Dist. No. 1; Ford Bussart, Rock Springs, for Sweetwater County School Dist. No. 1; J. Patrick Hand, Douglas, for Converse County School Dist. No. 1; L.B. Cozzens, [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 5145
  9. Leithead v. American Colloid Co. (1986)

    After he was discharged from his job, appellant Vance Leithead sued his former employer, American Colloid Company, and his former supervisor, Myron Durtsche, Jr., alleging breach of contract, breach of the covenant of good faith, slander, misrepresentation of employment, promissory estoppel, tortious interference with contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the employer on all the claims except slander, which the [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 85-199
  10. Vaughn v. State (1998)

    William U. Hill, Attorney General; Paul Rehurek, Deputy Attorney General; D. Michael Pauling, Senior Assistant Attorney General; Kimberly A. Baker-Musick, Assistant Attorney General; Rachel Hodson, Student Intern, PAP, for Appellee. Argument by Ms. Hodson.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 97-79
  11. Cordova v. Gosar (1986)

    By summary judgment the trial court, for contended mutual mistake, invalidated a 12-year-old deed description which would terminate the interest of an 80-year-old widow in her home after the grantee served a notice to quit. Grantee, unsuccessful in the trial court, appeals and is now again denied by this court's affirmance.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 85-271
  12. Scadden v. State (1987)

    Appellant, a high school teacher and girl's volleyball coach, was convicted on one count of second degree sexual assault. The victim was a student and team member. Appellant was charged with using his position of authority to cause submission to sexual intercourse, in violation of § 6-2-303(a)(vi), W.S. 1977. On appeal, appellant raises one statutory construction constitutional question, and six procedural or sufficiency issues, as claimed error:

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 86-39
  13. Gates v. Richardson (1986)

    This case arose from an accident when an automobile being driven by Kelly Richardson collided with a bicycle being ridden by six-year-old Johnny Gates. Although Johnny survived the accident, he is left with massive brain injuries from which he is unlikely to recover. In addition to Johnny's claim for medical expenses, pain and suffering, future lost wages and permanent disability, Johnny's mother, sister and brother sought damages from Richardson for the emotional distress they suffered from [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 84-21
  14. McGuire v. McGuire (1980)

    The contestants-appellees, Dan and Loretta McGuire, filed their petition naming the contestees-appellants, Fred and Mickey McGuire, as well as Two Bar Ranch Company.[2] The appellees wanted a private road over the lands of either the appellants or Two Bar Ranch. A hearing was had before the Platte County Commissioners on June 6, 1978.[3] An additional hearing was conducted on July 12, 1978. In addition to the testimony heard by the county commissioners at these proceedings, there were a [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 5176
  15. ABC Builders, Inc. v. Phillips (1981)

    George S. Andrews, Andrews, Andrews & Riske, P.C., Cheyenne, signed the brief on behalf of amici curiae, the Sheridan County Board of Realtors and the Wyoming Board of Realtors, in support of the position of ABC Builders, Inc.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 5468-5470 and 5484
  16. Danculovich v. Brown (1979)

    Plaintiffs-appellants brought this action under the wrongful death act, § 1-38-102, W.S. 1977,[1] as administrators of the estate of Carl Danculovich, deceased, against defendant-appellee, who was driving the motor vehicle involved in a one-automobile accident near Wheatland in which deceased, a passenger, was killed. The action accrued prior to the determination that the Wyoming guest statute, § 31-5-1116, W.S. 1977,[2] was invalid, wherefore plaintiffs could recover only if defendant was [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 4974
  17. Moxley v. Laramie Builders, Inc. (1979)

    The facts of Tavares v. Horstman, Wyo. 1975, 542 P.2d 1275, did not require us to extend a builder-vendor's implied warranty of fitness for habitation as well as liability for negligent construction beyond the first owner. The facts of this case are appropriate for such a holding, and we will reverse the district court's dismissal of the appellants' complaint which sought such a remedy.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 5108
  18. Frias v. State (1986)

    "1. Whether the failure of a juror to answer voir dire questions truthfully deprived appellant of his constitutional right to an impartial jury and his statutory right to peremptory challenges.

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 85-66
  19. Boehm v. Cody Country Chamber of Commerce (1987)

    Appellants, David and Penny Boehm, contend that appellees Cody Country Gunfighters Club (Club), the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce (Chamber), the City of Cody (City), the Irma, Inc. (Irma), David Bermingham, as an individual and as president of the Club, and Club members Tim Ward, Todd Darr, and John Does I-X, are liable to them in tort for injuries sustained by David Boehm during a mock gunfight that took place in Cody, Wyoming, on July 18, 1983, and for loss of consortium resulting from [...]

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 87-23
  20. Matter of Adoption of Voss (1976)

    The trial court allowed adoption of the child of a non-consenting father. The crucial question in this appeal, presented by the father-appellant, involves the construction of § 1-710.2, W.S. 1957, 1975 Cum. Supp., Laws, 1963, Ch. 59, § 8:

    Court: Wyoming Supreme Court Docket: 4542

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