Wisconsin Attorney General Reports Court Cases

  1. Opinion No. Oag 76-78, (1978) (1978)

    "Does sec. 13.48 (13), Wis. Stats., which makes `any building, structure or facility . . . constructed for the benefit or use of the state of any state agency, board, commission, or department' subject to local zoning ordinances, apply to the acquisition and use of existing facilities which will be remodeled for state use? Does sec. 13.48 (13), Wis. Stats., include within the term `constructed' reconstruction, remodeling, or additions to buildings or do those terms have separate meanings [...]

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  2. William C. Kahl, Superintendent Department of Public Instruction. (1971)

    "Under state law, does a school district's negotiated agreement under 111.70 that by its terms is binding on the parties and by its terms establishes an effective date for a district salary schedule prior to August 15 take precedence over an individual employment contract under 118.21 that is dated after August 15 to correspond with that employee's first day of actual employment for the new school year?"

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  3. Opinion No. Oag 2-83, (1983) (1983)

    As a member of the Legislative Council's Special Committee on the Prosecutorial System, you have asked whether article VI, section 4, of the Wisconsin Constitution, which provides in part that "district attorneys, and all other county officers . . . shall be chosen by the electors of the respective counties," prevents the Legislature from establishing either:

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  4. Opinion No. Oag 13-88, (1988) (1988)

    You ask whether 1987 Senate Bill 366, which directs the superintendent of public instruction to loan textbooks to elementary and secondary school students, would be constitutional if enacted into law. Under the bill, the superintendent would, at the request of the student or the student's parent or guardian, loan items on an approved list of textbooks which could not promote the interest of any religion. The bill also requires that public and private school students participate equally in the [...]

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  5. Opinion No. Oag 1-90, (1990) (1990)

    You have asked for my opinion regarding two questions involving section 950.04 (1), Stats., entitled "Basic bill of rights for victims and witnesses." The statute currently provides in relevant part: "If the crime charged is a felony or is specified in ch. 940, the victim shall be notified whenever the defendant or perpetrator is released from custody."

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  6. Opinion No. Oag 30-80, (1980) (1980)

    You have requested my opinion on the question of whether exploration and mining leases constitute an interest in land within the meaning of sec. 710.02, Stats.

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  7. John R. Pike, Executive Director, Wisconsin Investment Board. (1972)

    You have requested my opinion whether the Investment Board has legal authority to preclude members of the general public from inspecting or copying any portion or minutes of the board relating to the investment of state funds and every document

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  8. Opinion No. Oag 20-86, (1986) (1986)

    You have requested my opinion regarding change of venue in juvenile delinquency cases to effect cost sharing between two or more counties where, by statute, venue could properly lie in either county. Your specific questions are: (1) Is it lawful in a juvenile delinquency proceeding for a court to grant a motion for a change of venue after adjudication but before the first

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  9. Opinion No. Oag 32-76, (1976) (1976)

    program involving viewer participation. In the situation you have described the local television outlet will provide the studio and technical people necessary to air the program. Bingo cards, good for the entire show, will be distributed through cooperating local merchants at a cost of $1.00 each. On October 20, 1971, my predecessor responded to a question from your predecessor relating to bingo programs aired on cable T.V. (60 OAG 382) That opinion, although somewhat dated, should be read in [...]

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  10. Robert C. Zimmerman, Secretary of State, James R. Erickson, District Attorney. (1972)

    Both of your offices have requested my opinion on several questions concerning the residence of military personnel, and their families, under the election laws of the state of Wisconsin. Since both requests ask essentially the same questions, I will treat them as one inquiry for the purpose of this opinion.

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  11. Fred L. Jacobson, Administrator Division of Criminal Investigation. (1971)

    You have requested my informal opinion concerning whether a town may issue a combination liquor and beer license to a county for use at a county golf course. Because the more basic question concerns the power of a county, I have rephrased your question as follows: May a county operate

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  12. Opinion No. Oag 46-76, (1976) (1976)

    You advise that a vacancy in the Common Council of the City of Menasha is about to occur as a result of an announced resignation and that the Common Council will fill that vacancy pursuant to the provisions of sec. 17.23 (1), Stats., which provides in pertinent part:

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  13. Opinion No. Oag 31-79, (1979) (1979)

    You have requested my opinion on several matters which relate to the capacity of a joint sewerage commission under Wisconsin law to meet federal requirements for the discharge of pollutants from a publicly owned treatment work (POTW). Most of the requirements of concern have their analog in Wisconsin law. ch. 147, Stats.

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  14. Opinion No. Oag 63-80, (1980) (1980)

    Is Section 49.02(5), Wis. Stats., applicable in the case of a prisoner incarcerated on a city charge taken by the keeper of the jail to a hospital for emergency medical treatment or is Section 53.38, Wis. Stats., exclusively applicable?

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  15. Opinion No. Oag 52-83, (1983) (1983)

    You have asked a number of questions concerning the interpretation and implementation of chapter 55, Stats., and other sections pertaining to protective placements. Many of these questions have been generated by recent legislative revisions.

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  16. Russell Falkenberg, District Attorney Chippewa County (1974)

    You advise that your county is considering the adoption of a comprehensive county zoning ordinance under the provisions of sec. 59.97 (5), Stats. Upon adoption by the county board, such ordinance will be submitted to the various town boards within the county for their consideration, as required by sec. 59.97 (5) (b), Stats. You inquire whether town board approval of such ordinance must extend to such ordinance in its entirety or may extend only to parts of such ordinance.

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  17. Opinion No. Oag 30-83, (1983) (1983)

    Your letter states that there is a fully staffed hospital and clinic in Sparta, Wisconsin, which is the county seat in Monroe County. This hospital and clinic is located across the street from the Monroe County Sheriff's Department. The Monroe County Sheriff's Department wishes to refer sexual assault victims to this hospital for initial treatment and for the initial gathering of evidence from the person of the victim. Your letter states that in the past both adult and child sexual assault [...]

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  18. Opinion No. Oag 37-90 (Revised), (1991) (1991)

    The Assembly Organization Committee has requested my opinion concerning the interplay between sections 67.05 and67.12, Stats., and section 120.10 (5) and (5m).

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  19. Opinion No. Oag 26-78, (1978) (1978)

    You request my opinion with respect to how the replat provisions of ch. 236, Stats., apply to division of lots within a recorded subdivision. Apparently, some confusion has arisen from statements made in earlier opinions, 63 Op. Att'y Gen. 193 (1974) and 64 Op. Att'y Gen. 810 (1975).

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports
  20. Opinion No. Oag 24-83, (1983) (1983)

    You have requested my opinion as to whether counties can enter into reciprocal mutual assistance agreements whereby such counties would agree in advance to cooperate in the arrest of persons and in

    Court: Wisconsin Attorney General Reports

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