Texas Supreme Court Court Cases

  1. City of Keller v. Wilson (2005)

    Jay Doegey, Assistant City Attorney for the City of Corpus Christi, Texas, Corpus Christi, Theodore P. Gorski Jr., Office of the City Attorney, Mark G. Daniel, Evans Gandy Daniel & Moore, Fritz Quast, Taylor Olson Adkins Sralla & Elam, LLP, Fort Worth, Monte Akers, Texas Municipal League, Austin, Michael A. Bucek, Senior Assistant City Attorney, Irving, Robert F. Brown, Brown & Hofmeister, L.L.P., Richardson, Bruce S. Powers, Assistant County Attorney, Michael A. Stafford, Harris [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 02-1012
  2. Walker v. Packer (1992)

    This original mandamus action involves two pre-trial discovery requests sought by relators, plaintiffs in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The first discovery dispute involves documents which the plaintiffs seek from one of the defendants, while the second involves documents which they seek from a nonparty for impeachment purposes. As to the first matter, we hold that relators have not presented a sufficient record to demonstrate that the trial court clearly abused its discretion in failing to [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: C-9403
  3. Nixon v. Mr. Property Management (1985)

    This is an action for damages filed on behalf of a minor, R.M.V., against Mr. Property Management Company and Brett Davis. R.M.V. was raped in a vacant unit of the defendants' apartment complex. She was not a resident or a guest at the complex. The trial court granted Mr. Property and Brett Davis' motion for summary judgment. The court of appeals affirmed the judgment. 675 S.W.2d 585. We reverse the judgments of the courts below and remand the cause to the trial court for a trial on the merits.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: C-3425
  4. Downer v. Aquamarine Operators, Inc. (1985)

    This is an appeal from a judgment for damages in a suit brought under the Jones Act and under admiralty law. The trial dealt only with damages because the trial court struck the defendant's answer as a discovery abuse sanction and signed an interlocutory default judgment as to liability. The court of appeals reversed the trial court judgment, holding that the action of that court was an error of law and an abuse of discretion. 689 S.W.2d 472. We reverse the judgment of the court of appeals and [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: C-4141
  5. Tex. Ass'n of Business v. Air Control Bd. (1993)

    The Texas Association of Business (TAB), on behalf of its members, brought this declaratory judgment action seeking a ruling that statutes empowering two state administrative agencies to levy civil penalties for violations of their regulations conflict with the open courts and jury trial provisions of the Texas Constitution. The administrative agencies denied TAB's claims, and along with two Intervenors,[1] filed counterclaims seeking a declaration that the same statutes and regulations [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: C-9556
  6. TEXAS DEPT. PARKS AND WILDLIFE v. Miranda (2004)

    Howard G. Baldwin, First Asst. Atty. Gen., Jeffrey S. Boyd, Thompson & Knight, Harry W. Deckard, Office of Attorney General, Nelly R. Herrera, Office of Attorney General, Julie Caruthers Parsley, Public Utility Com'n, and Lisa Royce Eskow, Attorney General's Office, Austin, for Petitioner.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 01-0619
  7. City of Houston v. Clear Creek Basin Authority (1979)

    Respondent Clear Creek Basin Authority, a statutory governmental entity existing under article 8280-311 (1965), sued the City of Houston for injunctive relief and statutory penalties, alleging the unlawful discharge of waste waters by treatment plants operated by the City in violation of chapter 26 of the Texas Water Code.[1] The trial court granted summary judgment for the City of Houston, but the court of civil appeals reversed and remanded. 573 S.W.2d 839.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: B-8084
  8. Cain v. Bain (1986)

    James and Karen Bain purchased a 20-year-old house in 1976 from George and Carroll Banks. The real estate agent for the transaction was an employee of James Cain Company. In 1978, the Bains tried to sell their house but were unable to find a buyer because of a foundation defect. They sued James Cain Company for violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The trial court granted Cain's Motion for Directed Verdict and rendered a take nothing judgment against the Bains. In an [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: C-4764
  9. Lehmann v. Har-Con Corp. (2001)

    In these two consolidated cases we revisit the persistent problem of determining when a judgment rendered without a conventional trial on the merits is final for purposes of appeal. We consider only cases in which one final and appealable judgment can be rendered and not cases, like some probate and receivership proceedings, in which multiple judgments final for purposes of appeal can be rendered on certain discrete issues.[1] And we consider a judgment's finality only for purposes of appeal [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 99-0406, 99-0461
  10. In Re CH (2002)

    Charles G. Childress, Austin, Duke Hooten, Boerne, Sarah Regina Guidry, Houston, Texas Dept. of Protective & Regulatory Services, Jose R. Rodriguez, Michael J. Alvarez, El Paso County Attorneys, El Paso, John Cornyn, Attorney General of the State of Texas, Philip A. Lionberger, Office of the Attorney General of Texas, Julie Caruthers Parsley, Office of the Solicitor General of Texas, Austin, for Petitioner.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 00-0552
  11. In Re JFC (2002)

    Idolina Garcia, Office of the Attorney General of Texas, Julie Caruthers Parsley, Office of the Solicitor General of Texas, Jeffrey S. Boyd, Office of the Attorney General, John Cornyn, Attorney General of the State of Texas, Howard G. Baldwin, First Assistant Attorney General, Austin, James Wiley, Assistant Criminal district Attorney, Amy Innmon Forrester and Thomas C. West, Waco, for Petitioners.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 01-0571
  12. Valence Operating Co. v. Dorsett (2005)

    Everard A. Marseglia Jr., Burns Wooley Marseglia & Zabel, L.L.P., Morgan L. Copeland Jr., Catherine B. Smith, Ara L. Ayles, Vinson & Elkins L.L.P., Gary C. Johnson, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Houston, for amicus curiae.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 03-0836
  13. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Havner (1997)

    John L. Hill, Austin, Russell W. Miller, Dallas, James E. Essig, Kamela Bridges, Houston, Robert L. Dickson, Hall R. Marston, George E. Berry, Santa Monica, CA, Gene M. Williams, Beaumont, Rob L. Wiley, Steven Goode, Austin, for Petitioner.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 95-1036
  14. Bland Independent School Dist. v. Blue (2000)

    Two taxpayers sued their school district to prohibit it from paying future installments due on a lease-purchase financing agreement they claim is illegal. The district filed a plea to the jurisdiction, challenging the taxpayers' standing to sue. The trial court heard evidence on the plea and sustained it in part but overruled it in part. On the district's interlocutory appeal, the court of appeals held that a ruling on a plea to the jurisdiction must be based solely on allegations in the [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 99-0231
  15. Holley v. Adams (1976)

    David Adams instituted this suit for termination of the parent-child relationship between his former wife, Nanci Adams Holley, and their son. The trial court ordered termination under Section 15.02 of the Texas Family Code Annotated[1] on the grounds that Nanci Holley had failed to support her child [Section 15.02(1)(E)], that her conduct endangered the emotional well-being of the child [Section 15.02(1)(D)], and that the termination of the parent-child relationship was in the best interest of [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: B-5880
  16. Provident Life and Acc. Ins. Co. v. Knott (2003)

    In this insurance coverage dispute, we construe the definition of total disability found in two insurance policies. Interpreting the policies as they are written, we hold that an insured is totally disabled when he is unable to perform all of the important and usual duties of his occupation. Because the insured in this case was able to perform some of the important and usual duties of his occupation as a physician, he was not totally disabled under the policies' terms. We also conclude that the [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 02-0485
  17. Dow Chemical Co. v. Francis (2001)

    Kevin Wayne Cole, Wickliff & Hall, Austin, Barbara L. Johnson, Anthony J. Sadberry, Wickliff & Hall, Houston, Ruben D. Campos, Wickliff & Hall, San Antonio, Bob E. Shannon, Joseph R. Knight, Baker & Botts, Austin, for Petitioners.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 00-0299
  18. In Re Prudential Ins. Co. of America (2004)

    The parties to a commercial lease agreed to waive trial by jury in any future lawsuit involving the lease, but when the tenant and its guarantors later sued for rescission and damages, they nevertheless demanded a jury trial. The trial court denied the landlord's motion to quash the demand. In this original proceeding, the landlord petitions for mandamus relief directing the trial court to enforce the parties' contractual jury waiver. We conditionally grant relief.

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 02-0690
  19. BMC Software Belgium, NV v. Marchand (2002)

    This is an interlocutory appeal from the denial of a foreign corporation's special appearance. A divided court of appeals affirmed the trial court's ruling. 80 S.W.3d 52. We conclude that the foreign corporation's contacts with Texas are insufficient to create either specific or general jurisdiction. We also conclude that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying the plaintiff's motion to continue the special appearance hearing. We therefore reverse the court of appeals' judgment [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 00-1019
  20. King Ranch, Inc. v. Chapman (2003)

    Howard P. Newton, San Antonio, James H. Robichaux, Corpus Christi, Matthews & Branscomb, P.C., Mary Taylor Henderson, Office of the Attorney General, Leon Vadim Komkov, Baskin Bennett & Komkov, Carroll G. Martin, Scott Douglass & McConnico, Austin, Keith R. Verges, Mark T. Davenport, Figari Davenport & Graves, LLP, Dallas, Robert R. Sykes, The Law Office of Robert R. Sykes, Midland, J.W. Cooper, Jr., Cooper & Cooper, J.A. (Tony) Canales, Canales & Simonson, P.C., [...]

    Court: Texas Supreme Court Docket: 01-0430

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