Texas Attorney General Reports Court Cases

  1. Opinion No. (1994)

    Re: What information a law enforcement agency is authorized to give to a public school district or private school under article15.27 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (RQ-628)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  2. Opinion No. (2010)

    Re: Whether a sheriff has a conflict of interest under Local Government Code chapter 171 concerning certain bail-bond duties of the sheriff, when the Sheriff s stepson and his stepson's wife are employed as agents of a bail bond surety (RQ-0849-GA)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  3. Opinion No. (2000)

    Office of the Attorney General — State of Texas John Cornyn The Honorable Tim Curry Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Justice Center 401 West Belknap Fort Worth, Texas 76196-0201

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  4. Opinion No. (1986)

    You ask several questions concerning local funds maintained outside the treasury by colleges and universities and state agencies. You give the following examples of funds deposited in local accounts under section 51.008 of the Education Code or the Appropriations Act:

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  5. Opinion No. (1977)

    You have asked whether the Texas Animal Health Commission has authority to purchase uniforms for employees who stop and inspect livestock shipments pursuant to article 7014d, V.T.C.S. You also ask whether hats and boots constitute parts of the uniforms. You inform us that you purchased uniforms in 1975 and 1976. The Board of Control approved these items and the Comptroller made payment, but the State Auditor questioned the purchase.

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  6. Opinion No. (1981)

    The Commissioners Court of Harris County is required by law to award certain contracts after taking competitive bids. See, e.g., V.T.C.S. arts. 1658, 1659, 1659a, 2358-61, 2368a. Contracts must generally be awarded to the lowest and best bidder. You advise that instead of stating a lump sum bid in the bid form furnished by the county, some bidders insert an amount but also include an escalation clause which provides for price increases based upon increases in their costs. We understand that the [...]

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  7. Opinion No. (1991)

    Re: Authority of board of trustees of an independent school district to enact and enforce a policy banning the use of tobacco products by district personnel and the general public on all school district property (RQ-165)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  8. Opinion No. (2001)

    Re: Whether a Texas State Board of Pharmacy rule specifying that no drugs shall be included on a list of narrow therapeutic index drugs is consistent with section 562.014 of the Texas Occupations Code, which requires the Board, by rule, to "establish a list of narrow therapeutic index drugs" (RQ-0289-JC)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  9. Opinion No. (1999)

    Re: Constitutionality of section 38.12(d)(2)(C) of the Penal Code, which prohibits an attorney from making a direct-mail solicitation of a criminal defendant within thirty days of his arrest (RQ-1223)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  10. Opinion No. (1999)

    Office of the Attorney General — State of Texas John Cornyn The Honorable Carole Keeton Rylander Comptroller of Public Accounts L.B.J. State Office Building 111 E. 17th Street Austin, Texas 78774

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  11. Opinion No. (1993)

    Re: Whether the provisions of article 59.06(c) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, directing that certain forfeited property be deposited in a "special fund in the county treasury," require that such funds be deposited with the county treasurer for placement in the county depository, and related questions (RQ-469)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  12. Opinion No. (1993)

    Re: Whether there is a conflict of interest where a person serves simultaneously as a county commissioner and a manager of a corporation with which a community center created by that county has entered into a contract (RQ-536)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  13. Opinion No. (1986)

    You question the constitutionality of section 4A of article 6701h, V.T.C.S., the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law. You ask whether the Texas Department of Public Safety may, acting pursuant to section 4A, impound certain motor vehicles without violating the due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. If the department may constitutionally take such action, you also ask about the proper procedure for storing and eventually [...]

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  14. Opinion No. (1986)

    The Texas bond guarantee program was established in 1983 pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of Texas, article VII, section 5, and the enabling statute, Texas Education Code, section 20.901 et seq. Through this program the bond issues of local school districts are secured by the corpus and income of the Permanent School Fund. This guarantee results in better bond ratings and lower interest rates for Texas school districts. Since its inception, 218 bond issues worth $1,250,505,000 [...]

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  15. Opinion No. (2008)

    The Lower Neches Valley Authority (the "LNVA") was created in 1933 by special act of the Legislature "as a governmental agency, body politic and corporate, vested with all the authority as such under the Constitution and Laws of the State; and which shall have and be recognized to exercise all of the powers of such governmental agency and body politic and corporate as are expressly authorized in the provisions of the Constitution, Section 59 of Article 16." Act approved Oct. 23,1933,43d Leg., [...]

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  16. Opinion No. (1999)

    In this opinion we construe portions of the Charitable Raffle Enabling Act, article 179f of the Revised Civil Statutes. As you know, the constitution requires the legislature to prohibit "lotteries and gift enterprises" in the state, except those expressly authorized by the constitution. Tex. Const. art. III, § 47(a). Prior to voter approval of a constitutional amendment in 1989, any raffle was a prohibited lottery, even a raffle for charity. See Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. Nos. JM-513

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  17. Opinion No. (1989)

    In a cause of action based on conduct described in Section 104.002,1 the state shall indemnify the following persons for actual damages, court costs, and attorney's fees adjudged against:

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  18. Opinion No. (1991)

    You inquire about the application of the Open Meetings Act, article 6252-17, V.T.C.S., to the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO). You ask whether METRO has authority to meet in private to review bids for a proposed rail system.

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  19. Opinion No. (1986)

    A justice of the peace has authority to collect money payable under the Code of Criminal Procedure. Code Crim.Proc. art. 103.003. The code provides that all fines and other undertakings whereby a party becomes bound to pay the state "shall be collected in the lawful money of the United States only." Code Crim.Proc. art. 43.02 (emphasis added). Your first question is whether those statutes authorize a justice of the peace to accept a personal check in payment of fines, costs, and judgments [...]

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports
  20. Opinion No. (2004)

    Re: Whether, consistently with section 573.041 of the Government Code, a home-rule municipality may appoint a department head who is related to the mayor within the third degree by consanguinity or the second degree by affinity if the city charter authorizes the city manager to "appoint, subject to consultation with the Board of Commissioners, all department heads" (RQ-0180-GA)

    Court: Texas Attorney General Reports

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