Supreme Court of New Hampshire Court Cases

  1. Carson v. Maurer (1980)

    Burns, Bryant, Hinchey, Cox & Shea, of Dover, and Shuman, Ross & Spiliakos, of Boston (Howard S. Ross orally), for the plaintiffs Timothy Williams and Cynthia Williams (80-136; 80-191).

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 80-017. Nos. 80-099, 80-136 and 80-191. No. 80-252. No. 80-273. No. 80-291
  2. Monge v. Beebe Rubber Co. (1974)

    Action of assumpsit to recover damages for an alleged breach of an oral contract of employment. Plaintiff was hired in September 1968 at wages of $1.84 per hour to work on a conversion machine in defendant's factory and was allegedly told that if she worked well she would get better jobs with better pay. Plaintiff claims that she was harassed by her foreman because she refused to go out with him and that his hostility, condoned if not shared by defendant's personnel manager, ultimately resulted [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 6637
  3. Thibault v. Sears, Roebuck & Co. (1978)

    This is an action to recover damages for harm sustained by the plaintiff when a lawn mower manufactured by the defendant injured the plaintiff's foot. Trial by jury on tort counts sounding in negligence and strict liability before Flynn, J., resulted in verdicts for the defendant. The plaintiff's exceptions concerning his strict liability claim were reserved and transferred. We affirm.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 7826
  4. Clark v. Clark (1966)

    The plaintiff is the wife of the defendant and in this action she seeks damages for personal injuries caused by her husband's alleged negligence in operating a motor vehicle in which she was riding with him. The parties now and for some time previous to the accident were domiciled in Lancaster, New Hampshire. On the evening of June 26, 1964 the parties left Lancaster for Littleton, New Hampshire, intending to return to their home later that evening. This trip took them into Lunenberg, Vermont [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 5475
  5. Raymond v. Eli Lilly & Co. (1977)

    McLane, Graf, Greene, Raulerson & Middleton, of Manchester, and Dewey, Ballantine, Bushby, Palmer & Wood and Russell H. Beatie, Jr., of New York City (Mr. John A. Graf and Mr. Beatie, Jr. orally) for the defendant.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 7577
  6. Ouellette v. Blanchard (1976)

    These are actions to recover for personal injuries to the minor plaintiff, Jaye Ouellette, and consequential damages to her father, Robert Ouellette, in a burning accident on property of the defendant. The plaintiffs allege that on July 23, 1973, the defendant, with a permit, was burning rubbish in an unsupervised fire on his premises. The plaintiff Jaye Ouellette, then ten years of age, went onto the property with other children and with them threw sand on the fire. Jaye stepped on some hot [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 7325
  7. Buttrick v. Lessard (1969)

    This case presents the question of whether a person sustaining personal injuries and property damage because of a defect in an automobile sold him by the defendant can recover without proof that the defendant was negligent.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 5813
  8. Heath v. Sears, Roebuck & Co. (1983)

    Wadleigh, Starr, Peters, Dunn & Kohls, of Manchester (John A. Lassey on the brief and orally in No. 82-170, and Theodore Wadleigh on the brief and orally in No. 82-314), for Sears, Roebuck & Co.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 82-170, 82-458, 82-485, 82-497. No. 82-203. No. 82-275. Nos. 82-314, 83-093. No. 83-053
  9. Smith v. AM. EMPLOYERS'INS. CO. (1960)

    The question presented is whether RSA ch. 281 deprives the plaintiff employee of her right to proceed at common law against a third party for allegedly negligently causing her injury, when the third party is her employer's workmen's compensation insurance carrier. The defendant contends that it does so. The issue is one of legislative intent and to determine it we must examine our workmen's compensation statute.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 4805
  10. Corso v. Merrill (1979)

    This interlocutory appeal requires us to examine the question whether parents who perceive through their senses the fact that their child has been seriously injured and immediately observe the child at the accident scene can recover for emotional distress. We have previously denied recovery to parental bystanders. Jelley v. LaFlame, 108 N.H. 471, 238 A.2d 728 (1968). Nevertheless, recent judicial opinions and legal commentaries have convinced us to review critically the reasons we have [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 78-271
  11. Lawton v. Great Southwest Fire Ins. Co. (1978)

    In this action the plaintiff seeks damages against his insurance company for its alleged failure to make payment of a fire loss pursuant to a fire insurance policy between the plaintiff and the defendant. After hearing, the trial court granted the defendant's motion to dismiss counts 1 and 2 of the plaintiff's declaration, which alleged an intentional failure and a negligent failure to make payment pursuant to the policy, and portions of count 3, which sought consequential damages in excess of [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 7876
  12. Ramsey v. Anctil (1965)

    The first question presented by this case is whether this state recognizes a common-law action for damages for injuries to an intoxicated consumer of liquor who is served additional intoxicating liquor by a liquor licensee. Annot. 75 A.L.R. 2d 833. New Hampshire has no dramshop law or civil damage law, although it did have such a law from 1870 until it was repealed in 1934. Laws 1870, c. 3, s. 3; P. L., c. 144, ss. 52, 53; Laws 1934, c. 3, s. 43. Hollis v. Davis, 56 N. H. 74; Hoyt v. Tilton, [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 5319
  13. Briere v. Briere (1966)

    The parties agree that the issue is whether unemancipated minor children may sue their father in tort for injuries sustained in an automobile accident. If they may, their exceptions to the dismissal of their actions must be sustained. Whether their mother may recover for consequential damages depends upon questions of fact, determinable at the trial and presently not before us. Woodman v. Peck, 90 N. H. 292, 294; McConnell v. Lamontagne, 82 N. H. 423; Bullard v. McCarthy, 89 N. H. 158, 164; see [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 5505
  14. STATE EMPLOYEES'ASS'N v. State (2011)

    Molan Milner and Krupski, PLLC, of Concord (Glenn R. Milner on the brief), and Stember Feinstein Doyle Payne & Cordes, LLC, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (William T. Payne and another on the brief, and Stephen M. Pincus orally), for the plaintiffs.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 2010-271
  15. Everitt v. General Elec. Co. (2007)

    This interlocutory appeal, see Sup.Ct. R. 8, was brought by direct defendants, Town of Hooksett (Town), Owen Gaskell and Keith Lee, and third-party defendant Jeremiah Citro, from two rulings of the Superior Court (Conboy, J.). The first denied the direct defendants' motion for summary judgment seeking immunity from the negligence claim brought by the plaintiff, Sarah Everitt, and the second denied Citro's motion to dismiss the third-party claims against him. We affirm in part, reverse in part [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 2006-481
  16. State v. Howard (1981)

    This is a statutory rape case in which the defendant is charged with having had sexual relations with a girl under the age of thirteen in violation of RSA 632-A:2 XI (Supp. 1979), a class A felony. Certain evidentiary questions pertaining to the rape shield law, RSA 632-A:6 (Supp. 1979), were raised prior to trial and the Superior Court (Goode, J.) transferred four questions of law to this court.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 80-033
  17. Sargent v. Ross (1973)

    The question in this case is whether the defendant landlord is liable to the plaintiff in tort for the death of plaintiff's four-year-old daughter who fell to her death from an outdoor stairway at a residential building owned by the defendant in Nashua. The defendant resided in a ground floor apartment in the building, and her son and daughter-in-law occupied a second story apartment serviced by the stairway from which the child fell. At the time of the accident the child was under the care of [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 6338
  18. McLaughlin v. Sullivan (1983)

    In this interlocutory appeal, we must determine whether an attorney may be held liable for the suicide of a client. We hold that an attorney may not be held liable, and reverse the decision of the Superior Court (Bean, J.) denying the defendant's motion to dismiss.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 82-301
  19. Duval v. Duval (1974)

    The sole issue presented by this case is whether a defendant is entitled to the assistance of counsel in a nonsupport contempt hearing because he may be subjected to imprisonment for his failure to comply with the support order.

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 6848
  20. New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services v. Marino (2007)

    The respondents, Joseph and Rose Marino, appeal the Superior Court's (Vaughan, J.) order granting partial summary judgment to the petitioner, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES), and denying their cross-motion for partial summary judgment on DES' claim that they violated the State Water Pollution and Waste Disposal Act (Water Pollution Act), see RSA ch. 485-A (2001 & Supp.2006), and the State Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act (Shoreland Protection Act), see RSA [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of New Hampshire Docket: 2006-761

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