Supreme Court of Colorado Court Cases

  1. Page v. Clark (1979)

    Paul Page was the plaintiff in an action for unlawful detainer against the defendants, Morton and Alice Clark. He brought this action to terminate their tenancy in property on which they were residing and to gain possession of the property. The real property in question had been conveyed from the Clarks to Page in 1975 by means of a warranty deed absolute on its face. The Clarks answered, alleging that Page held the property for them as a constructive trustee and demanded that he convey the [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: C-1407
  2. Hecla Min. Co. v. New Hampshire Ins. Co. (1991)

    Popham, Haik, Schnobrich & Kaufman, Ltd., Gary E. Parish, Wiley Y. Daniel, Denver, Popham, Haik, Schnobrich & Kaufman, Ltd., John E. Heintz, Lisa I. Latorre, Washington, D.C., for amici curiae American Min. Congress, Colo. Min. Assoc., Newmont Min. Corp., Idarado Min. Co., Homestake Min. Co. and Cyprus Minerals Co.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 89SC646
  3. People v. Lowe (1983)

    The defendant appeals his convictions on two counts of first-degree murder. The defendant urges two grounds for reversal. First, the defendant argues that the trial court improperly admitted Exhibit Q-1 into evidence. Second, he contends that his convictions for first-degree murder must be reversed because a person can be convicted of only one homicide offense where there is but one victim. We affirm the trial court's evidentiary ruling and remand the judgments of conviction for further [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 82SA372
  4. Churchey v. Adolph Coors Co. (1988)

    The petitioner, Diana K. Churchey, filed a civil action stating three claims for relief against her former employer, Adolph Coors Company: wrongful discharge, defamation, and outrageous conduct. The trial court granted Coors' motions for summary judgment on all claims. The court of appeals affirmed in Churchey v. Adolph Coors Co., 725 P.2d 38 (Colo.Ct.App.1986), and we granted certiorari to review that opinion. We affirm the court of appeals with respect to Churchey's claim for outrageous [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 86SC183
  5. Continental Air Lines, Inc. v. Keenan (1987)

    The petitioner, Continental Air Lines, Inc. (Continental), appeals from the court of appeals' unpublished opinion, Keenan v. Continental Air Lines, Inc., No. 83CA1104 (Oct. 18, 1984), which held that an employer's distribution to employees of handbooks or policy manuals which contain specific procedures for termination of employment, when relied upon by an employee and supported by the consideration of continued service, may result in the employer becoming contractually bound to comply with [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 84SC460
  6. Palmer v. AH Robins Co., Inc. (1984)

    Tilly and Graves, James L. Tilly, Charles Q. Socha, Denver, McGuire, Woods & Battle, Alexander H. Slaughter, E. Duncan Getchell, Jr., Mays, Valentine, Davenport & Moore, William R. Cogar, Clifford W. Perrin, Stephen W. Brewer, Richmond, Va., for defendant-appellant.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 81SA149
  7. Travelers Ins. Co. v. Savio (1985)

    We granted certiorari to review the decision of the Court of Appeals in Savio v. Travelers Insurance Co., 678 P.2d 549 (Colo.App.1983), which held that the Workmen's Compensation Act of Colorado (the Act) does not prohibit an employee from pursuing common law remedies against a workers compensation insurance carrier for bad faith in the processing of the employee's compensation claim and that the standard of care applicable to such carrier's duty to process claims in good faith is simple [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 83SC316
  8. Wilson v. People (1987)

    The question raised in this case is whether a prosecutor's repeated statements during summation that the accused and his wife "lied" in testifying during trial constituted plain error. In affirming the conviction of William Wilson (defendant) for two felony counts of sexual assault, the court of appeals in an unpublished opinion held that the prosecutor's remarks, although improper, did not constitute plain error. We now reverse the judgment and remand the case for a new trial.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 85SC410
  9. Farmers Group, Inc. v. Williams (1991)

    We granted certiorari to review Williams v. Farmers Insurance Group, Inc., 781 P.2d 156 (Colo.App.1989), which held that section 10-4-708(1), 4A C.R.S. (1987 & 1990 Supp.), did not provide the exclusive remedy against automobile insurers that refuse to pay benefits in bad faith, and that the burden of proving willful and wanton conduct under section 10-4-708(1) was by a preponderance of the evidence. We affirm.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 89SC552
  10. Jones v. Dressel (1981)

    We granted certiorari to review the decision in Jones v. Dressel, 40 Colo.App. 459, 582 P.2d 1057 (1978). In an action for damages by the plaintiff for personal injuries sustained in an airplane crash, the trial court granted the defendants' motion for partial summary judgment. Summary judgment was based upon the execution of an exculpatory agreement which the court held insulated the defendants from liability for simple negligence involving the crash of an airplane. A claim alleging willful [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: C-1637
  11. Martin Marietta Corp. v. Lorenz (1992)

    In Lorenz v. Martin Marietta Corp., Inc., 802 P.2d 1146 (Colo.App.1990), the court of appeals reversed the trial court's entry of a directed verdict against the plaintiff, Paul M. Lorenz, an at-will employee of Martin Marietta Corporation, on his tort claim against Martin Marietta for wrongful discharge predicated on Lorenz's alleged refusal to perform an illegal act. The court of appeals held that Lorenz's claim was cognizable in tort, that the standard for a wrongful discharge claim [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 90SC583
  12. People v. Rodriguez (1996)

    Gale A. Norton, Attorney General, Stephen K. ErkenBrack, Chief Deputy Attorney General, Timothy M. Tymkovich, Solicitor General, John Daniel Dailey, Deputy Attorney General, Robert Mark Russel, First Assistant Attorney General, Robert M. Petrusak, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Enforcement Section, Denver, for Plaintiff-Appellee/Cross-Appellant.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 91SA112
  13. Rugg v. McCarty (1970)

    Shirley Jean Rugg, the plaintiff in error, is here by writ of error seeking reversal of an order of the trial court dismissing her complaint against G. McCarty and Nationwide Finance Company of Lakewood, a Colorado corporation, defendants in error, for failure to state a claim upon which relief could be granted. Rugg had sought relief from these defendants based on three theories: first, an invasion of the right of privacy; second, an intentional or reckless infliction of emotional distress [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 22817
  14. Chacon v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company (1990)

    The petitioners, Reyes and Sarah Chacon, challenge the court of appeals decision affirming the trial court's grant of summary judgment in favor of the respondent, American Family Mutual Insurance Company (American Family). We granted certiorari to consider whether a homeowner's policy, which contains a severability clause, may exclude coverage to an insured, based upon the actions of a co-insured. The court of appeals held that, pursuant to the policy's "intentional act" exclusion, the [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 88SC330
  15. Moses v. Diocese of Colorado (1993)

    This appeal is from a judgment entered on a jury verdict awarding Mary E. Moses, who is now known as Mary Moses Tenantry (Tenantry), $1,216,500 as damages against the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, a Colorado corporation (Diocese), and Bishop William Frey (Bishop Frey). Tenantry was a parishioner at St. Philip and St. James Episcopal Church in Denver. She sought counseling from Father Paul Robinson (Father Robinson), who was then an assistant priest at St. Philip and St. James. Although [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 92SA415
  16. Trimble v. City and County of Denver (1985)

    Max P. Zall, City Atty., Robert M. Kelly, John L. Stoffel, Jr., Brian H. Goral, Asst. City Attys., Denver, for respondents City and County of Denver and Abraham J. Kauvar, in his capacity as Manager of Health and Hospitals.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 81SC398
  17. Trinity Broadcasting v. Westminster (1993)

    Trinity Broadcasting of Denver, Inc. (Trinity) appeals the district court's granting of summary judgment in favor of the City of Westminster (Westminster) dismissing Trinity's claims under the Governmental Immunity Act and for inverse condemnation arising out of damage to a building built and owned by Trinity allegedly caused by water leaking from water storage tanks owned and operated by Westminster.[1] We affirm the judgment of the district court with respect to inverse condemnation and [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 92SA113
  18. People v. Czemerynski (1990)

    Duane Woodard, Atty. Gen., Charles B. Howe, Chief Deputy Atty. Gen., Richard H. Forman, Sol. Gen., John Milton Hutchins, First Asst. Atty. Gen., and Guy Till, Asst. Atty. Gen., Denver, for plaintiff-appellee.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 88SA280
  19. People v. Bartowsheski (1983)

    The defendant, Michael J. Bartowsheski, appeals from judgments entered in the Arapahoe County District Court on guilty verdicts to the charges of first degree murder after deliberation, first degree felony murder, and robbery, all of which involved a single victim.[1] Bartowsheski's claims of error relate to the trial court's refusal to grant a second change of venue due to allegedly prejudicial publicity, the claimed insufficiency of evidence for the crimes charged, the trial court's failure [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 81SA556
  20. Western United Realty, Inc. v. Isaacs (1984)

    We granted certiorari to review the decision of the Colorado Court of Appeals in Isaacs v. Wilkinson, No. 80CA0590 (Colo. Ct.App. December 17, 1981) (NSFP), reversing the trial court's award of attorney fees against Jack and Patricia Isaacs (Isaacs) for maintaining a frivolous or groundless lawsuit. We affirm.

    Court: Supreme Court of Colorado Docket: 82SC64

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