Supreme Court of Arkansas Court Cases

  1. Linker-Flores v. Dept. of Human Services (2004)

    This case arises out of an order entered by the trial court on March 3, 2003, that terminated all parental rights of Appellants Anastacio Flores and Mary Linker-Flores. Mr. Flores appeals, arguing the evidence against him was insufficient to support a termination of parental rights. Although Mrs. Flores timely filed notices of appeal,[1] her appointed counsel filed a motion in this court to be relieved as counsel on the grounds that she could find no meritorious issues for appeal. Because Mrs. [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 03-1099
  2. McDonald v. State (2004)

    This matter arises from contempt proceedings against attorney Laura L. Cunningham regarding a motion for rule on the clerk filed by her in her representation of Randolph McDonald. Cunningham asserts that this court erred in finding her notice of appeal untimely although it was filed more than six months after entry of the order appealed from in the notice. A notice of appeal must identify the order appealed from and must be filed within thirty days of the entry of the order appealed from. [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 03-957

    Tiffany Dinkins is the mother of seven children, three of whom—Khadijah, Khatiana, and Khasahn—are involved in this appeal. Dinkins's parental rights as to these three children were terminated by a chancery court order on September 8, 1999. Prior to the termination, the children had been in the custody of the Arkansas Department of Human Services ("DHS") and in foster care for nearly twoand-a-half years. Dinkins appealed the court's order terminating her parental rights to the court of [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 00-1401
  4. Young v. Norris (2006)

    In 2001, Charles D. Young entered a plea of guilty to rape and received a sentence of 120 months' imprisonment in the Arkansas Department of Correction. Young filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus in Pulaski County while incarcerated in Jefferson County. The trial court denied the petition and we affirmed. Young v. State, CR 02-1260 (March 5, 2003) (per curiam).

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 05-1167
  5. Howard v. State (2006)

    Appellant Timothy Howard was convicted of two counts of capital murder for the deaths of Brian and Shannon Day, and one count of attempted capital murder for the attempted killing of the Days' infant son, Trevor. For these convictions, Howard received two death sentences and a sentence of thirty years in prison. In a 4-3 opinion, this court affirmed his convictions and sentences. See Howard v. State, 348 Ark. 471, 79 S.W.3d 273 (2002). Following this court's decision, Howard filed a petition [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 05-699
  6. JT v. Arkansas Dept. of Human Services (1997)

    Appellant J.T. appeals the judgment of the Pulaski County Chancery Court terminating her parental rights to T.T., who is now thirteen years of age, pursuant to Ark.Code Ann. § 9-27-341 (Supp.1995), and authorizing Appellee Arkansas Department of Human Services ("DHS") to consent to the adoption of T.T. Appellant raises three points for reversal that necessarily involve our interpretation of section 9-27-341; hence, our jurisdiction is pursuant to Ark. Sup.Ct.R. 1-2(a)(17)(vi) (as amended by [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 96-1006
  7. Penn v. State (1984)

    Penn was convicted by a jury of the murder of Anthony Faherty on September 21, 1983, and received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. He filed an appeal with us, and the record has been lodged. A petition has been filed here for a writ of error coram nobis or to invest the trial court to hear a motion for a new trial. The ground given is a sworn statement made by Donald Lewis, who is evidently a prisoner at the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Lewis' affidavit is attached to the [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 84-43
  8. Grillot v. State (2003)

    Appellant Eric Z. Grillot was convicted by a jury of first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, theft of property, and hindering apprehension, and now raises five points on appeal. Grillot first argues that the circuit court erred in refusing to suppress his confessions. He also challenges the sufficiency of the evidence to support his convictions. For his third and fourth points, Grillot claims that the circuit court erred in denying his motion for a new trial based on juror misconduct and erred [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 01-00792
  9. Wallace v. Broyles (1998)

    Shannon Wright was a varsity football player at the University of Arkansas who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on October 13, 1993. Shannon's mother, Jacqueline Wallace, filed suit on March 10, 1995, and an amended complaint on May 11, 1995, against the nine defendant-appellees, alleging that their negligent, wilful, wanton and malicious acts caused Shannon's death.[1]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 97-170
  10. Williams v. State (2007)

    Appellant Kenneth D. Williams appeals from an order of the circuit court, which denied his request for relief under Rule 37 of the Arkansas Rules of Criminal Procedure. On appeal, Williams asserts six points. None of his points has merit, and we affirm the circuit court.

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 06-511
  11. Wicks v. State (1980)

    By an information containing two counts the appellant was charged with having raped the same woman twice, once on August 17 and again on September 26, 1978. The prosecutrix testified to both occurrences, but the court, without objection, submitted only a verdict form permitting the jury to find the defendant guilty of rape, rather than of two separate offenses. The jury found Wicks guilty and fixed the punishment at life imprisonment. We find no merit in the six points that are argued, nor any [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 79-194
  12. Davis v. State (2003)

    Appellant, Lee Roy Davis, entered a conditional plea of guilty to the charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, a class C felony, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, a class Y felony. For these crimes, appellant was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment. On appeal, appellant challenged the trial court's denial of his motion to suppress a crack pipe and cocaine that police officers discovered during a pat-down search as violative of his rights under the Fourth and [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 02-534
  13. Echols v. State (1996)

    Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin were convicted of the capital murders of Michael Moore, Christopher Byers, and Steve Branch. For each of the capital murders, appellant Echols was sentenced to death, and appellant Baldwin was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Both appellants appeal from their convictions. Echols separately appeals the death sentences imposed upon him. We affirm in full the judgments of conviction.

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 94-928
  14. Chrisco v. Sun Industries, Inc. (1990)

    The sole issue on appeal is whether the trial court abused its discretion in awarding an attorney's fee, under Ark.Code Ann. § 16-22-308 (Supp.1989), of only $25,000.00 in a civil action involving breach of contract.

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 90-51
  15. Sterling Drug, Inc. v. Oxford (1988)

    From 1963 until October 31, 1983, the appellee, Charles G. Oxford ("Oxford"), was employed under a contract for an indefinite term by what is now the National Laboratories Division of Lehn and Fink Industrial Products Division, Inc., a division of the appellant, Sterling Drug, Inc. ("Sterling"). In 1984 Oxford filed suit against Sterling alleging that through acts of its agents, Sterling had engaged in a systematic campaign from January of 1982 until August of 1983 designed to force Oxford's [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 87-172
  16. Pitts v. State (1999)

    Eugene Issac Pitts was found guilty by a jury of felony murder in 1979 and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. In the decision affirming the judgment, we noted that petitioner kidnapped Bernard Jones from his home and killed him and that the Jones's wife positively identified Pitts, whom she knew well, as her husband's assailant. We further noted that an expert forensic witness had testified that hairs found on the victim's body were like Pitts's hair. Pitts v. State, 273 Ark. 220, [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: CR 80-40
  17. Davis v. Reed (1994)

    This appeal is taken from a denial of a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. The appellant, Raymond Dale Davis, contends on appeal as he did in circuit court that the original court accepting his guilty plea and sentencing him lacked jurisdiction to do so. We disagree and affirm the circuit court's decision to deny his petition for habeas corpus relief.

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 93-1231
  18. Faulkner v. Arkansas Children's Hosp. (2002)

    Appellant Sherry C. Faulkner appeals from an order granting the motion to dismiss filed by appellees Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) and four medical professionals who worked at ACH: Dr. Bonnie Taylor, Dr. Michelle Moss, registered nurse Lorrie Baker, and registered nurse Carl Chipman. We hold that the circuit court did not err in granting the Rule 12(b)(6) motion, and we affirm.

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 01-860
  19. Flentje v. First Nat. Bank of Wynne (2000)

    Appellant Charlotte Flentje appeals a summary judgment in favor of Appellee First National Bank of Wynne ("FNB" or "the bank") in her suit alleging gender discrimination under the Arkansas Civil Rights Act. The Arkansas Court of Appeals certified the case to this court because it contains issues of first impression under the Arkansas Civil Rights Act. Hence, we have jurisdiction under Ark. R. Sup.Ct. Rule 1-2(b)(1). We affirm.

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 99-848
  20. Hamilton v. Barrett (1999)

    This is a child-custody case. Appellant Phyllis Karen Hamilton (Karen) appeals the judgment of the Montgomery County Chancery Court awarding custody of the parties' two minor children to her ex-husband, Appellee Randall Ray Barrett (Randy). In an unpublished opinion, the Arkansas Court of Appeals affirmed the chancellor's ruling. See Barrett v. Barrett, CA 97-1132, (Ark. App. December 9, 1998). We granted Appellant's petition to review that decision, which was rendered by a tie vote, pursuant [...]

    Court: Supreme Court of Arkansas Docket: 98-1536

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