New York Surrogate's Court Court Cases

  1. Matter of Logan (1956)

    Petitioner seeks limited letters of administration on the estate of his stillborn son, alleging the existence in an administrator of a right of action for the death of this child. On August 25, 1954, the infant's mother, then at the close of her third month of pregnancy, was injured in an automobile collision which, it is claimed, caused the baby to be born dead on October 17, 1954, approximately two months later.

    Court: New York Surrogate's Court
  2. Matter of Erdmann (1950)

    This is a contested accounting proceeding. Margaret Schubert, daughter of decedent, filed a claim in the sum of $1,500 based upon two promissory notes, totaling that amount, against both of which the Statute of Limitations had apparently run. The administrator rejected the claim and at the hearing the claimant contended that the debt had been revived by a subsequent written promise to pay, and that her attorney spoke to her about the Statute of Limitations a month after her father died. A [...]

    Court: New York Surrogate's Court
  3. Matter of Roob (1969)

    In this accounting by the executrix, the petition requests construction of the will on the question of ademption or abatement of legacies due to the fact that there are insufficient assets in the estate to pay all claims, funeral and administration expenses.

    Court: New York Surrogate's Court
  4. Matter of Rothko (1974)

    The pending proceeding was instituted to revoke letters testamentary and for other relief. The fundamental issues are alleged wrongdoing of the three executors of this estate and the respondent art dealers in entering into two contracts for the sale and consignment for sale of paintings executed by the testator. A more detailed outline of the triable issues may be found in prior decisions in this proceeding (Matter of Rothko, 69 Misc 2d 752; 71 Misc 2d 320, affd. 40 A D 2d 965).

    Court: New York Surrogate's Court

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