New Jersey Court of Chancery Court Cases

  1. Grimm v. Franklin (1928)

    This bill seeks an injunction against the prosecution by the defendant of four suits at law against the several complainants, all of which suits are for the recovery of attorney's fees alleged to be due to the defendant from the complainants under the provisions of a certain contract of employment between the members of an association of independent jitney owners of whom complainants were a part, and the defendant. Immediately upon the filing of the bill an order to show cause with restraint [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  2. Haase v. Moser (1936)

    This matter comes before me on a motion by solicitor of defendant to strike out the bill of complaint on the ground that it discloses no cause of action and that complainant is not entitled to the relief prayed for.

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  3. Bournonville v. Cain (1929)

    The petition is for an annulment of marriage because of a prior and existing marriage of the defendant. The proofs show that the petitioner and defendant entered into a ceremonial marriage in June, 1927, and that shortly after she deserted. The answer admits the marriage ceremony. They also satisfactorily show that the defendant had previously married one Robert P. Cain, in Bibb county, Georgia, February 17th, 1925. The answer admits that marriage and that it was lawfully entered into. It was [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  4. In Re Hague (1929)

    The record in this case has not been submitted to me. My decision in Ex parte Hague, 104 N.J. Eq. 31; 144 Atl. Rep. 546,

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  5. Westinghouse Electric, C., Co. v. Weikel (1932)

    It was stipulated by and between counsel that a bill to foreclose the mortgage made by Shelburne, Incorporated, to New York Trust Company, bearing date 1st of July, 1925, recorded in the Atlantic county clerk's office, book 357 of mortgages, page 65, was filed on July 13th, 1931, by the New York Trust Company, trustee under said mortgage. Said mortgage was a trust mortgage given to secure an issue of three million dollars of bonds and contained, with respect to the description in said [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  6. Mendlen v. Linden (1931)

    The bill is to enforce a municipal mechanics' lien upon a fund in the hands of the city of Linden alleged to be due to the Standard Construction Company on a contract to erect a firehouse. The complainant furnished material to the Harco Steel Company, a subcontractor for the structural steel. Linden claims that there is nothing due the general contractor.

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  7. State v. Stephan (1937)

    The plaintiff in error was indicted by the grand jury of Camden county for the murder of Curtis W. Dobbins, and was convicted of murder in the first degree without recommendation of life imprisonment. The case is before us on strict writ of error, and was argued as though here also under section 136 of the Criminal Procedure act. But there is no certificate by the trial court of "the entire proceedings had upon the trial" of the cause, as required by our decisions. The formal return of the [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  8. Morrison v. Morrison (1937)

    Pending the wife's contested suit for separate maintenance and immediately prior to the day fixed for the final hearing of the cause a reconciliation was effected, partly through the efforts of the wife's solicitor. He now applies for the allowance of costs and counsel fee against the defendant husband and (incidentally) for an order dismissing the bill.

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  9. Health Products Corp. v. Weber (1924)

    The defendant in this case, Weber, entered into a written lease with the complainant, Health Products Corporation, for the premises situated at 10-12 Washington avenue, Irvington, New Jersey, for a period of three years, commencing October 1st, 1924, and in the lease inserted an option clause to sell the adjoining half of the premises, 14-16 Washington avenue, to the complainant, at a price "not exceeding $60,000, within a period of three years from the date of the lease." At the time of the [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  10. Patanska v. Kuznia (1928)

    The determination of the main question presented depends upon the nature of the legacies bequeathed by the third clause of the will — whether they were intended to be specific legacies, confined to the testator's savings accounts, or general or demonstrative legacies of definite sums of money which, at the time of the execution of the will, happened to be in banks.

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  11. Jaeckle v. L. Bamberger Co. (1935)

    An act to regulate the practice of optometry, to license optometrists and punish persons violating the provisions thereof (P.L. 1914 p. 448; Cum. Supp. Comp. Stat. p. 1900, as amended), section 21, enacts, "no person, not a holder of a certificate of registration duly issued to him, shall, after January 1st, 1915, practice optometry within this state." Defendant does not hold such a certificate. The question is whether it is practicing optometry within the meaning of the statute.

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  12. Masonic Temple Assn. of Atlantic City v. Hannum (1936)

    Complainant issued to Philip George Hannum, during his lifetime, two instruments which it denominated as "Certificates of Indebtedness," each in the sum of $2,500, and each in the form following:

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  13. In Re Lawyers Home-Makers B. L. Assn. (1941)

    The Lawyers and Home-Makers Building and Loan Association, on March 30th, 1940, sold and conveyed in bulk a substantial part of its assets pursuant to R.S. 17:12-115 and thereupon became a liquidating corporation. Thereafter several liquidating dividends were declared by the directors of the corporation but distribution of such dividends to members who had received payments on account of withdrawal of their shares after March 1st, 1933, was withheld.

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery Docket: Docket 129/320
  14. Gawrillow v. Rutkowski (1929)

    The only question at issue in this cause is whether or not the judgment of the defendant Klucznik is entitled to priority over a prior unrecorded mortgage held by the complainant and which mortgage was not recorded until after the entry

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  15. Larkin v. Koether (1927)

    This bill seeks the specific performance of a contract for the sale of lands. The complainants are vendors and the defendant is the vendee. The contract is dated June 3d 1926, and provides for the conveyance to the defendant of property therein described on or about June 30th, 1926, for the sum of $21,000, $2,100 of which was paid to the complainants by the defendant as a down payment on the execution of the contract. The property is described by metes and bounds and by reference to a map of [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  16. Vaux v. Vaux (1934)

    Complainant sued out of the Bergen county circuit court a writ of attachment against the defendant, Maurice Vaux. Before the defendant appeared, the circuit court, pursuant to the Transfer of Causes act (P.L. 1912 p. 417; Cum. Supp. Comp. Stat. p.2833), ordered the cause transferred to chancery. The reason for the transfer, recited in the order, was "that the plaintiff is and was at the time of the issuance of the said writ of attachment, the wife of the defendant herein and that by reason [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  17. Austin J. Waldron, Inc. v. Cutley (1929)

    Defendant resists, alleging the following misrepresentations: There were no triple floors, there was no metal lath and the building was not solid brick construction. It is admitted that the building does not comply with these alleged representations. It is also admitted that the final contract of sale does not contain any of these alleged representations.

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  18. Doyle v. Mahon (1947)

    On or about July 28th, 1935, Catherine Moloney (also known as Catherine Maloney), died. Her last will and testament was admitted to probate by the surrogate of Bergen County, and letters testamentary were issued to her daughter, Mary Mahon, who is named executrix. The will among other things provided that the sum of $1,000 be paid to her sister, Johanna Doyle, the sum of $500 to a nephew, James Doyle, the sum of $500 to a nephew, Martin Stapleton, and the sum of $500 to a nephew, Stephen [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery Docket: Docket 148/658
  19. Unkovich v. N.Y. Central R.R. Co. (1934)

    The complainants, eleven in number, are employed in the marine department of the defendant, the New York Central Railroad Company. That department of the railroad service appears to consist of two several crafts — (1) the tug, or float craft; and (2) the lighter, or barge, craft. These complainants at various times, in the year 1915, in the years 1920, 1921, 1922 and 1926, entered the railroad company's marine service in the tug, or float craft. Subsequently, in, or about, the year 1926, [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery
  20. Arlington Realty Co. v. Gluck (1925)

    This bill is to quiet the title to land. The Rynda Development Company agreed in writing to sell the lot to the Chemtec Company, in which it was stipulated that the purchaser be let into possession. Permission was given to construct a dwelling. The Chemtec Company contracted debts in the construction of the building, and Salmon Company, materialmen, filed a lien claim, recovered judgment specially against the land, and, under execution, the property was sold and conveyed to the complainant. [...]

    Court: New Jersey Court of Chancery

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