Kentucky Supreme Court Court Cases

  1. Steelvest, Inc. v. Scansteel Service Ctr. (1991)

    Appellee, Thomas P. Scanlan, Sr. (Scanlan), was employed by Steel Suppliers, Inc. (Steel Suppliers), a company engaged in the warehousing and distributing structural steel, for some thirty years and had acted as president and a director. On November 21, 1984, appellant, Steelvest, Inc. (Steelvest), a corporation owned by appellant, William N. Lucas, purchased the assets of Steel Suppliers for approximately $5 million. After this purchase Steelvest continued Steel Suppliers, Inc. as a separate, [...]

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 90-SC-144-DG
  2. Com. v. Benham (1991)

    Benham was convicted of second-degree arson and sentenced to ten years. The Court of Appeals reversed the conviction because its examination of the record indicated that the prosecution produced only a mere scintilla of evidence required for conviction. This Court accepted discretionary review.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 90-SC-755-DG
  3. Com. v. English (1999)

    Appellee, Jesse James English, was convicted in the McCracken Circuit Court of two counts of sexual abuse in the first degree, KRS 510.110(1)(b) 2, and was sentenced to five years imprisonment on each count. The sentences were ordered to run consecutively for a total of ten years. The Court of Appeals reversed the convictions and remanded for a new trial on the ground that evidence of prior acts of sexual misconduct on the part of Appellee was improperly admitted at trial. We granted [...]

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 98-SC-333-DG
  4. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. v. Thompson (2000)

    The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (Goodyear) appeals from a decision of the Court of Appeals, which reversed the trial court's granting of a directed verdict in a products liability case. We reverse and reinstate the judgment of the Madison Circuit Court.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 1998-SC-0054-DG
  5. Hoskins v. Maricle (2004)

    Gregory D. Stumbo, Attorney General, Karen M. Timmel, Assistant Attorney General, Brian T. Judy, Assistant Attorney General, Frankfort, Counsel for Real Party in Interest Appellee Commonwealth of Kentucky.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 2002-SC-0579-MR
  6. Mills v. Com. (1999)

    A.B. Chandler, III, Attorney General of Kentucky, Kent T. Young, Paul D. Gilbert, Assistant Attorneys General, Criminal Appellate Division, Frankfort, KY, Thomas V. Handy, Special Assistant Attorney General, London, KY, for appellee.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 96-SC-966-MR
  7. Yanero v. Davis (2001)

    A. Thomas Johnson, Louisville, Counsel for Appellants/Cross-Appellees Michael A. Yanero and Sheri L. Yanero as Parents and Next Friends of Ryan Yanero, a Minor (1999-SC-0871-DG, 2000-SC-0347-DG and 2000-SC-0353-DG).

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 1999-SC-0871-DG, 2000-SC-0347-DG, 2000-SC-0353-DG
  8. Tamme v. Com. (1998)

    A.B. Chandler, III, Attorney General, Paul W. Richwalsky, Jr., Assistant Attorney General, Special Prosecutions Division, Ian G. Sonego, Criminal Appellate Division, Office of the Attorney General, Jeffrey Slayton Smith, Office of Attorney General, Frankfort, for Appellee.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 94-SC-637-MR
  9. Paintsville Hosp. Co. v. Rose (1985)

    The issue is whether the appellant, Paintsville Hospital, can be held liable on principles of ostensible agency or apparent authority for the negligence of a physician who was not employed by the hospital but who furnished treatment in the emergency room which was provided by the hospital and open to the public.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court
  10. Western Baptist Hosp. v. Kelly (1992)

    The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) denied Faye Kelly's claim for disability benefits from a neck injury allegedly occurring May 31, 1985. The ALJ held that Ms. Kelly failed to sustain the burden of proving the work-relatedness of her injury.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 91-SC-570-WC, 91-SC-576-WC
  11. Grzyb v. Evans (1985)

    Respondent, William Evans, filed suit against the King's Daughters' Hospital of Ashland, Kentucky, its President, Vice-President, and Plant Operator (who will be referred to herein collectively as "the hospital") alleging that Evans was wrongfully discharged from his position as Director of Housekeeping and Laundry because he had fraternized with a female hospital employee.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: As Corrected November 1, 1985
  12. Special Fund v. Francis (1986)

    We have granted discretionary review because a majority of a Court of Appeals panel has refused to follow a long line of decisions of the highest court of this state in violation of S.C.R. 1.030(8)(a) which provides:

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court
  13. Craft v. Rice (1984)

    This appeal is from a decision of the Court of Appeals which affirmed the trial court's directed verdict for the defendants based on a one-year statute of limitations. The Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of the case because it reasoned that the action was one for personal injury and governed by the one-year limitation.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court
  14. Bowling v. Com. (1997)

    A.B. Chandler, III, Attorney General, Frankfort, David E. Spenard, Assistant Attorney General, Ian G. Sonego, Criminal Appellate Division, Office of the Attorney General, Frankfort, for appellee.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 92-SC-1035-MR
  15. Brown Foundation v. St. Paul Ins. Co. (1991)

    Charles S. Cassis, Mark R. Feather, Brown, Todd & Heyburn, William S. Bowman, Stiles & Bowman, William D. Grubbs, Gregory Bolzle, Woodward, Hobson & Fulton, William A. Miller, Jr., Washer, Kaplan, Rothschild, Aberson & Miller, Louisville, Randy M. Mott, Robert T. Lee, Mott Pearce Williams & Lee PC, Lawrence E. Carr, Jr., Margaret H. Warner, Kyle A. Kane, Carr Goodson & Lee P.C., Washington, D.C., Daniel A. Bartoldus, Lawrence A. Levy, William M. Savino, Rivkin, Radler, [...]

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 90-SC-242-DG
  16. Yeoman v. Com., Health Policy Bd. (1998)

    Philip J. Edwards, Louisville, Kentucky, Edward D. Klatte, Cabinet for Health Services, Frankfort, Kentucky, Leonard G. Rowekamp, Wolnitzek, Rowekakmp, Bender & Bonar, P.S.C., Covington, Kentucky, Cathy Cravens Snell, Revenue Cabinet, Division of Legal Services, Frankfort, Kentucky, for appellees.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 97-SC-274-TG
  17. Bowling v. Com. (2005)

    At the conclusion of a one-week trial in December 1990, a Fayette Circuit Court jury convicted Appellant, Thomas Clyde Bowling, of two counts of murder and one count of assault in the fourth degree. The Commonwealth introduced evidence at trial from which the jury could and did believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Appellant caused his vehicle to collide with a vehicle occupied by Edward Lee and Ernestine Lynn Earley and their two-year-old child while they were parked in front of Mr. and Mrs. [...]

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 2004-SC-0880-MR
  18. Deutsch v. Shein (1980)

    This is an appeal from a judgment of the Jefferson Circuit Court which dismissed the claim of Mrs. Deutsch for damages from Dr. Shein for physical and mental pain and suffering. The Court of Appeals affirmed. We reverse and remand for a new trial on the issue of damages only.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court
  19. Martin v. Com. (2006)

    This RCr 11.42 appeal asks whether a holding by this Court on direct appeal that a claimed error is not palpable error (RCr 10.26) necessarily precludes any possibility that a subsequent ineffective assistance of counsel claim may be successfully maintained based on the same claim of error. For the reasons hereinafter set forth, we hold that such a prior determination does not preclude relief for ineffective assistance of counsel, as the dispositive inquiries differ.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court Docket: 2004-SC-000130-DG
  20. Gall v. Com. (1980)

    Eugene W. Gall, Jr., was convicted of murder and sentenced to death pursuant to the verdict of a jury under the two-stage trial procedure prescribed by KRS 532.025. In this appeal he advances many alleged errors and irregularities, contending that each and all of them require a reversal of the judgment. We shall limit our discussion to those we do not consider to be patently groundless.

    Court: Kentucky Supreme Court

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