Delaware Family Court Court Cases

  1. DCSE/JENNINGS v. DeBussy (1997)

    Before the Court is a Motion to Reopen a Judgment pursuant to Family Court Civil Rule 60(b)(6) filed by petitioners, Susan L. Jennings and the Division of Child Support Enforcement (hereinafter "DCSE") based upon the existence of a federal statute not known to the Family Court when it permanently stayed registration of a foreign child support Order on December 1, 1994. Respondent, Eric A. DeBussy, opposes the relief requested by Petitioners on the ground that the instant case was commenced [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: CK93-4153
  2. Smith v. Smith (1983)

    Pursuant to Superior Court Rule 60(b), Respondent-Wife (Wife) has moved to reopen this Court's decision of November 30, 1981 for the purpose of admitting additional evidence and for consideration of additional arguments with respect to the ancillary matters decided therein. Specifically, the Wife asks that the Court now treat the Husband's military pension as a marital asset in view of the recently-enacted Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Law, Public Law 97-252 passed by Congress [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  3. Wright v. Wright (1983)

    Before the court for decision are the prayers of the parties for ancillary relief.[1] Both parties are seeking division and allocation of marital property. Wife is also seeking alimony, counsel fees and costs. There are several large issues:

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  4. Gloria Bs v. Richard Gs (1982)

    This is the Court's decision after review of the legal memoranda submitted on the issue of whether or not the Workmen's Compensation benefits received by the respondent, Richard G.S., are to be considered marital property subject to distribution pursuant to 13 Del.C. ยง 1513.

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  5. Tl v. Wl (2003)

    This is the Court's decision on a request for a Review of Commissioner's Order filed August 12, 2002 by T. L. ("wife") against W. L. ("husband"). Wife is appealing a Commissioner's Order dated August 2, 2002 in which the Commissioner dismissed wife's petition seeking an Order of Protection From Abuse for lack of both personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction.

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: CS02-04026
  6. Vlp v. Jss (1978)

    Apparently, although the testimony on dates is somewhat conflicting, the parties did have sexual relations during the period of possible conception. At least respondent does not deny this. When he learned later that petitioner was pregnant, he thought he was the father and, under certain parental pressures, they were married about six weeks before the birth of the child. They never did live with each other, either before or after the marriage, one of the reasons being that petitioner was upset [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  7. Sl v. Al (1999)

    This matter is before the Court on a Petition for Emancipation filed on behalf of S.L. (hereinafter "Petitioner"), by and through her Guardian Ad Litem, Daniel J. Munley, Esquire.[1] Petitioner is seeking emancipation from her parents, Sh. and A.L. (hereinafter "Respondents") so that Petitioner may legally contract for housing "as well as other necessities for her health and well being."[2] The petition is a direct petition for emancipation, in which Petitioner is seeking a partial emancipation [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: CN89-11574
  8. Division of Family Service (Dfs) v. X. (2002)

    This matter is before the Court on the Petition of the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, Division of Family Services (hereinafter "DFS") against N.X. (hereinafter "Mother") and G.X., (hereinafter "Father") seeking to terminate parental rights in their son, G.Jr. X., d.o.b. 11/11/97 (hereinafter G.Jr.) for the purpose of freeing G.Jr. for adoption. The Petition seeks termination of parental rights of both parents on the grounds of failure to plan in accordance with [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: 01-08-08TN
  9. Kathleen Lh v. Wayne Eh (1987)

    This controversy presents the issue of the effect that a minor child's graduation from high school and subsequent full-time employment has on a Father's support obligation under the Delaware Child Support Formula.

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  10. In Re Hart (2001)

    Ellen S. Meyer; Shakuntla L. Bhaya, Doroshow Pasquqle Krawitz Siegel & Bhaya, Wilmington; Norman C. Simon (pro hac vice), Kramer Levin Naftailis & Frankel, LLP; Ruth Harlow, Lambda Legal Defense & Educ. Fund, New York City (pro hac vice), for Petitioners.

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  11. Kuhn v. Danes (2001)

    This is the Court's decision on the custody petition filed by Francis Kuhn, formerly known as Francis Danes, hereinafter referred to as "mother", against Lionel R. Danes, hereinafter referred to as "father". Mother seeks the custody of the parties' nearly thirteen (13) year old son, Ronald A. Danes. Although father also filed a petition construed as a petition for custody, father failed to take and complete the Rule 16 Parent Education Course.

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: CS91-3053
  12. Landanarf v. Landanarf (1981)

    On April 23, 1981, an uncontested divorce was granted in this action. Immediately following the entry of the divorce decree there was a contested ancillary proceeding. One of the major issues is whether respondent's (husband's) military pension benefits are marital property so that a portion thereof might be allocated to petitioner (wife) or, at least, that an offsetting award of marital property be made to wife to compensate her for husband being permitted to retain his pension benefits intact.

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  13. Husband, Cew v. Wife, Hlw (1979)

    The question before the Court is whether jurisdiction over ancillary matters has been defeated by the death of petitioner prior to a hearing on those prayers. C.R.T., petitioner's executor, is party plaintiff for the purpose of this matter.

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: Decided November 1, 1979
  14. State v. Manista (1994)

    Present before the Court is a Motion to Dismiss filed by defendant, Anthony L. Manista. The motion seeks dismissal of a criminal charge of harassment which was filed against defendant on March 18, 1994.

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: File No. AN94-0787
  15. Division of Family Services v. Redman (2009)

    Ashley M. Oland, Esquire, Law Office of Edward C. Gill, P.A., Georgetown, DE, for Ramona Redman; Patricia M. O'Neill, Esquire, Law Office of Patricia M. O'Neill, Georgetown, DE, for John Littleton.

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: CS07-02770
  16. Grayson v. Grayson (1982)

    On April 28, 1982, a custody petition was filed with this court by petitioner (mother), naming respondent (father) as the other parent, in the interest of their son, Keith (the child), born May 20, 1980.[1] The petition avers that mother is a resident of Newark, Delaware, and the father is a resident of Elkton, Maryland. Yet, in the body of the petition addresses are shown for both parties as Elkton, Maryland, and the address for the child is shown as Newark, Delaware, residing with mother. The [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  17. Adoption House, Inc. v. AR (2004)

    On July 9, 2002, Adoption House, Inc. (hereinafter "AHI") filed a Petition in this Court seeking to terminate the parental rights of A.R. and J.V. in their twin baby boys (hereinafter "Babies R") born May 5, 2002, in Media, Pennsylvania, for the purpose of freeing "Babies R" for adoption by an identified family also residing in Pennsylvania. On August 5, 2002, Adoptions From The Heart (hereinafter "AFTH") filed its Petition seeking to terminate the parental rights of K.S. and M.K. in their son [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: 02-07-04TN, 02-08-02TN
  18. In Re Truselo (2000)

    This case comes before the Family Court for consideration of the Attorney Guardian Ad Litem's motion on behalf of a minor child, Nicholas Truselo, born 6/1/00, who is in the custody and care of the State of Delaware Division of Family Services ("DFS"). The motion seeks an Order directing medical providers of the child to de-escalate medical intervention and place a "do not resuscitate" ("DNR") Order, with comfort measures, on the child's medical chart. An evidentiary hearing was held on [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: CN00-09299
  19. Quisenberry v. Quisenberry (1982)

    Petitioner has moved for an order terminating alimony pursuant to a stipulation of the parties which became an order of this court on August 19, 1981. Paragraph 7 of the stipulated order provides that petitioner will pay alimony to respondent of $500 per month for a period of 24 months unless, earlier, respondent dies, remarries, or cohabits[1] with an unrelated adult male, in which event the alimony terminates. Petitioner avers that respondent has been co-habiting for several months. He [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court
  20. Division of Family Services v. Smith (2005)

    On September 26, 2005, the Court held a hearing that contained many dependency/neglect issues as they related to the above-named child. The two key issues, which will be more fully explained hereafter, are (1) will the date of the taking of the child into DFS care be considered the date of an original taking on November 18, 2004, or a later date of May 24, 2005, and (2) where the Division has established that Cathy Smith's ("Mother") parental rights have previously been involuntarily terminated [...]

    Court: Delaware Family Court Docket: CS04-02846. Petition Nos. 03-29157, 05-16440

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