Court of Appeals of Washington Court Cases

  1. State v. Walton (1992)

    Bobby Gene Walton appeals his conviction of possession of a controlled substance. He contends the court erred in denying his motions (1) to suppress pre-Miranda statements he made after his arrest to a booking officer and a pretrial investigator, (2) to hold an in-camera hearing on the issue of disclosure of the confidential informant, and (3) to dismiss for insufficiency of evidence. We find no error and affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 10968-2-III
  2. State v. Lynn (1992)

    Lynn appeals his conviction for delivery of a controlled substance and attempted possession of a controlled substance, asserting that certain hearsay evidence was improperly admitted, that admission of that evidence violated his confrontation rights, and that there is not sufficient evidence to support the conviction. We affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 26462-1-I
  3. State v. Anderson (2009)

    ¶ 1 Daniel Anderson appeals his first degree robbery conviction, arguing that (1) the prosecutor committed misconduct by misstating the law, improperly shifting the burden of proof to him, and stating his personal opinions about the witnesses' credibility and Anderson's guilt, and (2) he was denied effective assistance of counsel. In a statement of additional grounds for review (SAG),[1] Anderson also argues that (1) the trial court erred by miscalculating his offender score; (2) there is [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 37325-4-II
  4. State v. Foster (2007)

    ¶ 1 Jeffrey Michael Foster appeals his convictions for two counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, and one count of bail jumping, claiming that the evidence was insufficient to support his convictions. Foster also filed a Statement of Additional Grounds (SAG),[1] arguing that his trial counsel provided ineffective assistance on various grounds, including approving a stipulation to an out-of-state conviction that was either not comparable to a Washington State [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 34953-1-II
  5. Streater v. White (1980)

    Northwest Bonded Mortgage Corporation and Thomas and Jane Doe White appeal from a judgment ordering Northwest Bonded Mortgage Corporation to quitclaim its interest in a residence to the Streaters as purchasers.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 7339-7-I
  6. Matter of Marriage of Olson (1993)

    Norman Olson appeals a decree of dissolution, arguing that the trial court erred in failing to appoint an interpreter, denying his right to cross examination, ordering an assignment of rents, and imposing a permanent restraining order. We affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 27856-8-I
  7. City of Seattle v. Heatley (1993)

    Petitioner Robert Heatley seeks discretionary review of a RALJ decision affirming his convictions in Seattle Municipal Court for driving while intoxicated and negligent driving. A commissioner referred the motion for discretionary review to a panel of judges for determination. Because the issues raised are of public interest, RAP 2.3(d)(3), we grant the motion for discretionary review, accelerate review pursuant to RAP 18.12, and affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 31262-6-I
  8. In Re Marriage of Crosetto (1996)

    James J. Crosetto appeals from the trial court's property distribution, business valuation, and denial of child support and attorney fees in an action dissolving his marriage to Laurel E. Crosetto. We affirm in part, reverse in part and remand for proceedings consistent with this opinion.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 17911-3-II
  9. Holland v. City of Tacoma (1998)

    Dwight Holland appeals the summary dismissal of his lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a Tacoma ordinance that limits the volume of sound projected from car sound systems and the award of attorney fees to the City. We affirm as to the dismissal, but reverse as to the award of attorney fees.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 21522-5-11
  10. In Re Marriage of Foley (1997)

    Mr. Foley appeals the court's child support order, the division of property and the failure to award him maintenance. He also appeals the court's order requiring him to pay $3,250 of Mrs. Foley's attorney fees. We affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 14808-4-III
  11. State v. Madison (1989)

    Frank S. Madison, Jr., appeals from his conviction of statutory rape in the first degree, contending that the out-of-court statements made by the complaining witness were improperly admitted, that opinion and expert testimony were improperly admitted, that evidence implicating another person was improperly excluded, and that he was denied effective assistance of counsel at trial. We affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 21474-8-I
  12. State v. Yarbrough (2009)

    ¶ 1 A jury found Verrick V. Yarbrough guilty of first degree murder by extreme indifference, first degree assault, and second degree unlawful possession of a firearm. The jury also returned a special verdict finding that Yarbrough committed both the first degree murder and first degree assault to obtain or maintain his membership or to advance his position in the hierarchy of an organization, association, or identifiable group, and that both these offenses involved a destructive and [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 36457-3-II
  13. Story v. Shelter Bay Company (1988)

    Jeanne Story appeals from a judgment entered against her on the defamation counterclaim of Shelter Bay Company (Shelter Co.), Allan Osberg and John Osberg.[1] We affirm in part and reverse in part, remanding this matter to the trial judge for entry of additional findings and a redetermination of damages.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 19486-1-I
  14. State v. Boehning (2005)

    ¶ 1 Randy Allen Boehning appeals his conviction of three counts of first degree child molestation. We hold that prosecutorial misconduct occurred when the prosecutor referred to three counts of rape that had been dismissed while suggesting that the victim's statements supported those counts but she was not "comfortable" enough to testify about those rapes at trial. 3B Report of Proceedings (RP) (Oct. 21, 2003) at 254. This argument appealed to the passion and prejudice of the jury, was [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 31469-0-II
  15. State v. Rehak (1992)

    Anna Rehak was convicted by a jury of the first degree murder of her husband, Dana Rehak, Sr. She appeals, challenging several of the court's evidentiary rulings and jury instructions, and its denial of her motion to dismiss for insufficient evidence of premeditation. We find no error and affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 14046-2-II
  16. In Re PD (1990)

    A dependency petition was filed on September 2, 1987, alleging that Sandra was a diagnosed schizophrenic who currently resided at Western State Hospital, and who was unable to meet her own basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter. The petition also noted that Sandra received high doses of the drug prolixin during her pregnancy due to lack of awareness that she was pregnant. This fact, along with no prenatal care, cigarette smoking, and poor nutrition made it highly likely that the child [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 23671-7-I 23726-8-I
  17. In Re Dependency of TR (2001)

    In proceedings to terminate parental rights, the trial court made the statutory findings required for termination but determined a guardianship, rather than termination, was in the best interests of the child. Some 14 months later, after the guardianship proved impossible, the court ordered termination. Although the court held no additional evidentiary hearing before ordering termination, due process was satisfied under the circumstances here. Substantial evidence supports the court's findings, [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 46767-1-I
  18. In Re AW (1988)

    Norman Johnson appeals from an order terminating his parental relationship with A. Johnson alleges denial of procedural due process and insufficient evidence, and challenges the constitutionality of RCW 13.34.180(1) and (2). We affirm.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 19142-0-I
  19. In Re Marriage of Rockwell (2007)

    ¶ 1 Peter Rockwell challenges the fairness of a 60/40 division of property in the dissolution of a long term marriage. He argues the trial court improperly considered his future earning capacity as a factor in the overall fairness of the division. He claims the trial court erred in making an adjustment for social security benefits that his wife would have received but for her type of federal pension. Carmen Rockwell cross-appeals, arguing that the court erred when it chose the subtraction [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 56954-6-I
  20. In the Matter of Marriage of Bulicek (1990)

    George and Janet Bulicek were married in 1963 and separated 22 years later in 1985. A dissolution decree was entered in 1989. At the time of trial, the parties' net earned monthly income was approximately $2,500 for George, and $720 for Janet. Janet also received a monthly disability payment of $169.52. George was in good health. Janet had numerous health problems and was under a doctor's care. George was 52 and Janet was 46 years old at time of trial. The couple had one child who is now an [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Washington Docket: 24518-0-I

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