Court of Appeals of Maryland Court Cases

  1. Dorsey v. State (1976)

    Barry Renbaum, Assistant Public Defender, with whom were Alan H. Murrell, Public Defender, and George E. Burns, Jr., Assistant Public Defender, on the brief, for appellant.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: [No. 9, September Term, 1975.]
  2. Kaczorowski v. City of Baltimore (1987)

    James R. Eyler (S. Nelson Weeks and Miles & Stockbridge and Benjamin L. Brown, City Solicitor and Robert Edelson, Asst. City Solicitor for appellee Mayor and City Council of Baltimore all on joint brief of appellees) Baltimore.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 162, September Term, 1986
  3. Board of Physician v. Banks (1999)

    We issued a writ of certiorari in this case to decide whether the Board of Physician Quality Assurance could reasonably conclude that a physician's sexually harassing conduct towards co-employees, committed while the physician was on duty at the hospital and in working areas of the hospital, constitutes immoral or unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine within the meaning of Maryland Code (1981, 1994 Repl.Vol.), § 14-404(a)(3) of the Health Occupations Article.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 87, Sept. Term, 1997
  4. Adler v. American Standard Corp. (1981)

    The United States District Court for the District of Maryland, pursuant to Maryland Code (1974, 1980 Repl. Vol.), § 12-601 of the Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article, has certified for our determination the following questions of state law:

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: [Misc. No. 12, September Term, 1980.]
  5. Attorney Grievance v. Vanderlinde (2001)

    The Attorney Grievance Commission, acting through Bar Counsel, filed a petition for disciplinary action against Susan K. Vanderlinde, respondent, for violation of the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC). The petition alleged that the respondent violated the provisions of MRPC 8.4 Misconduct. That rule provides:

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 15, Sept. Term, 2000
  6. Owens-Illinois, Inc. v. Zenobia (1992)

    Gardner M. Duvall (Harry S. Johnson, Patrick C. Smith, John G. Billmyre, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, on brief, C. Robert Loskot (John G. Sakellaris, Bernstein, Sakellaris, & Ward, on brief), Baltimore, John J. Nagle, III, Margaret E. Swain, Barbara M. Gaughan, Power & Mosner, P.A., on brief), Towson, for petitioners/cross respondents.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 66, September Term, 1991
  7. Harris v. Jones (1977)

    Francis B. Burch, Jr., and Gerard P. Uehlinger, with whom were Joseph G. Finnerty, Jr., Edward S. Digges, Jr., and Piper & Marbury and Otis M. Smith, General Counsel, General Motors Corporation, on the brief, for appellees.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: [No. 58, September Term, 1977.]
  8. Ferris v. State (1999)

    Petitioner Peter Michael Ferris appeals the denial of his motion to suppress evidence seized by the police. Because the police officer in this case effected a seizure not premised upon the reasonable, articulable suspicion required under the Fourth Amendment, we shall hold that the Circuit Court for Washington County erred in denying Ferris's motion to suppress.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 127, Sept. Term, 1997
  9. Aviation Administration v. Noland (2005)

    This is an action for judicial review of an adjudicatory administrative decision terminating the employment of a state governmental employee. The Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, while accepting the administrative findings of fact as being supported by substantial evidence, reversed the administrative decision on the ground that the termination sanction for the employee's misconduct was "arbitrary." The Court of Special Appeals, in an unreported opinion, affirmed. Both courts relied upon [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 15, September Term, 2003
  10. Tucker v. Fireman's Fund Ins. Co. (1986)

    Under Article 48A, § 539(a) of the Maryland Code (1957, 1986 Repl.Vol.), all motor vehicle liability insurance policies issued, sold, or delivered in this State after January 1, 1973 must contain personal injury protection (PIP) provisions affording minimal medical, hospital, lost income, and disability benefits to covered persons "injured in any motor vehicle accident." Among the individuals who may receive these benefits are:

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 32, September Term, 1986
  11. Poffenberger v. Risser (1981)

    DIGGES, J., delivered the opinion of the Court. MURPHY, C.J., and RODOWSKY, J., concur in the result. RODOWSKY, J., filed a concurring opinion at page 638 infra, in which MURPHY, C.J., joins.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: [No. 109, September Term, 1980.]
  12. Rohrbeck v. Rohrbeck (1989)

    This case turns on whether the Circuit Court for Montgomery County entered a judgment — a final, appealable judgment — on July 13, 1988. It has a broader import than that, however, and requires an examination of the nature and function of a device unknown to our courts before 1985 — the Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). The precise issue before us, and the answer to it, will become more clear if we begin with a discussion of this recent addition to our jurisprudence.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 56, September Term, 1989
  13. Wilhelm v. State (1974)

    James I. Keane, Assistant Attorney General, with whom were Francis B. Burch, Attorney General, and Clarence W. Sharp, Assistant Attorney General, on the brief, for appellee State of Maryland in No. 277.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: [No. 277, September Term, 1973.] [No. 283, September Term, 1973.]
  14. Longshore v. State (2007)

    In Terry v. Ohio, the Supreme Court held that a police officer may stop and detain a person briefly for investigative purposes if the officer has a reasonable suspicion, supported by articulable facts, that criminal activity "may be afoot." 392 U.S. 1, 30, 88 S.Ct. 1868, 1884, 20 L.Ed.2d 889, 911 (1968); see also Quince v. State, 319 Md. 430, 433, 572 A.2d 1086, 1087-1088 (1990), Anderson v. State, 282 Md. 701, 706, 387 A.2d 281, 284 (1978) ("[T]he real thrust of Terry is directed at instances [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 139 September Term, 2004
  15. Attorney Griev. Comm. v. Glenn (1996)

    The Attorney Grievance Commission, acting through Bar Counsel, filed a petition with this Court for disciplinary action against John Wheeler Glenn, Respondent, alleging violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct. The Attorney Grievance Commission charged Respondent with violating Rule 1.15(a), Rule 5.3(a), (b), and (c), Rule 8.4(c); Rules BU4, BU7, and BU9; and Maryland Code (1989, 1995 Repl.Vol., 1995 Supp.) § 10-306 of the Business Occupations and Professions Article.[1] We referred the [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: Misc. (Subtitle BV), No. 1, Sept. Term, 1994
  16. Davis v. Slater (2004)

    Petitioner, Jimmy L. Davis [hereinafter "Davis"], comes before this Court to challenge the trial court's denial of his Motion to Strike Jury Demand. Davis argues that when he reduced his ad damnum clause from Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars to Ten Thousand Dollars by amending his complaint, the Respondent, Patricia Ann Slater [hereinafter "Slater"], who had elected a jury trial, was no longer entitled to a jury trial. Because we do not interpret Article 23 of the Declaration of Rights or Section [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 26 September Term, 2004
  17. Pacific Indem. v. Interstate Fire & Cas. (1985)

    This case comes to us from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit pursuant to the Maryland Uniform Certification of Questions of Law Act, Md.Code (1974, 1984 Repl.Vol.), §§ 12-601 to -609 of the Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article. The dispute is between the primary and excess medical malpractice insurers of an obstetrician. The question is whether the causes of action of a brain-damaged infant for personal injuries and of the infant's father for consequential expenses [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: Misc. No. 6, September Term, 1984
  18. Barbre v. Pope (2007)

    This case arises under the one year notice provision of the Maryland Tort Claims Act, Section 12-106(b)(1) of the State Government Article, Maryland Code (1984, 1995 Repl.Vol.).[1] We have been asked to determine whether the year notice provision is satisfied when a plaintiff timely delivers notice to a County Commissioner. We also have been asked to determine whether the Maryland Tort Claims Act ("MTCA") notice provision applies to claims against an individual otherwise covered under the [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 17, Sept. Term, 2007
  19. Murphy v. Edmonds (1992)

    H. Thomas Howell, Alan N. Gamse, Kathleen Howard Meredith, Scott D. Goetsch, Semmes, Bowen & Semmes, Baltimore, amicus curiae for The National Ass'n of Independent Insurers and The Maryland Ass'n of Defense Trial Counsel.

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 99, September Term, 1990
  20. Kushell v. DNR (2005)

    In this case we consider whether Maryland tax liability under § 8-716(c)(1)(iv) of the State Boat Act for "[t]he possession within the State of a vessel purchased outside the State to be used principally in the State" requires that the out-of-state purchase have been made with an intent to use the vessel principally in Maryland. We find that the plain language of the statute requires this result. Both parties to this appeal agree that appellant Charles Kushell did not intend, at the time of [...]

    Court: Court of Appeals of Maryland Docket: 96, September Term, 2004

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