California Attorney General Reports Court Cases

  1. Opinion No. (2000) (2000)

    May a private entity operating an amusement theme park deny entry to an off-duty or retired city police officer who is carrying a firearm where the park operator has a policy prohibiting entry to anyone carrying a firearm who is not then acting in an official capacity as a peace officer?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  2. Opinion No. (2009) (2009)

    May a school district grant a request from a teacher, whose spouse became a board member more than one year after the teacher's employment with the District, to transfer from one teaching position to another that has the same compensation, but involves different teaching duties?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  3. Opinion No. (1997) (1997)

    A school district may not adopt a "zero tolerance" policy mandating expulsion of a student for a first offense involving the possession of a controlled substance or alcohol. Such an automatic expulsion policy would contravene state law as explicitly determined by the Legislature.

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  4. Opinion No. (1997) (1997)

    Recently a county water district adopted a new service fee structure increasing the water rate for its customers. School districts and park districts requested that the new rate not be applied to them for one year and that they pay 50 percent of the new rate thereafter. The question presented for resolution is whether the water district may agree to the requests of the school districts and park districts. We conclude that it may.

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  5. Opinion No. (2001) (2001)

    Is a school district or community college district prohibited from using district resources to implement, at the request of an employee organization, a voluntary payroll deduction program allowing employees to make monthly contributions to a political action committee established by the employee organization?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  6. Opinion No. (2004) (2004)

    In light of a school district's broad authority to conduct its programs and activities, may a school district assess a fee upon providers of deferred compensation plans to cover its costs of administering the plans for district employees?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  7. Opinion No. (1997) (1997)

    With respect to a lawsuit that was filed against a judge by a county regarding the performance of administrative duties by the judge under the county's trial court coordination plan, may the county pay the attorney's fees and costs of litigation incurred by the judge?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  8. Opinion No. (2010) (2010)

    For purposes of Vehicle Code section 35782(b), the term "unusually large or heavy load" has no uniform statewide definition, but rather refers to a vehicle load that (1) exceeds the statutory size and weight maximums prescribed in the Vehicle Code, and (2) is sufficiently large or heavy, as determined by the Department of Transportation or a local authority, to pose a substantial risk to public facilities that is not adequately covered by the level of insurance otherwise required by law.

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  9. Opinion No. (1999) (1999)

    1. In light of the United States Supreme Court's recent decision in Buckley v. American Law Foundation, Inc., is Elections Code section9209 unconstitutional in requiring circulators of initiative petitions to declare that they are voters of the city?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  10. Opinion No. (1999) (1999)

    Does the doctrine of incompatible public offices preclude a person from holding simultaneously the positions of director of the Victor Valley Water District and city council member of the City of Victorville?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  11. Opinion No. (2000) (2000)

    In view of the qualification of Propositions 30 and 31 on the March 7, 2000 ballot, may public sector self-insured employers purchase special excess workers' compensation insurance policies effective January 1, 2000?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  12. Opinion No. (2000) (2000)

    1. May two public entities and a mutual water company enter into a joint powers agreement to form a public financing authority for the purpose of issuing bonds under the Marks-Roos Local Bond Pooling Act of 1985?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  13. Opinion No. (2001) (2001)

    May a county charter grant the board of supervisors the authority to remove for cause by a four-fifths vote the sheriff, district attorney, and other county officers upon due notice and opportunity to be heard?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  14. Opinion No. (2001) (2001)

    prohibit chiropractors from participating in an Internet marketing plan in which they agree to promote the naturopathic products of an Internet company and to refer their patients to the company's website in exchange for fees equaling 20 percent of the price of the products purchased by their patients from the company?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  15. Opinion No. (2004) (2004)

    Whether Jack Goodrich may simultaneously hold the two offices of county veterans service officer and undersheriff for the County of Inyo does not present a substantial issue of fact or law requiring judicial resolution.

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  16. Opinion No. (2004) (2004)

    May a school district use Proposition 39 school bond proceeds to pay the salaries of district employees who perform administrative oversight work on construction projects authorized by a voter approved bond measure?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  17. Opinion No. (1998) (1998)

    Is a person whose employment requires that he operate a motorcycle and whose medical condition makes the wearing of a safety helmet a physical and functional hazard exempt from wearing a safety helmet while operating a motorcycle for work-related purposes?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  18. Opinion No. (2006) (2006)

    For purposes of calculating the amount of compensation allowed by statute for city council members, do the statutory amendments regarding payments received for serving on a commission or similar body that became effective on January 1, 2006, affect council members who were in office prior to January 1, 2006, so as to reduce their salaries prior to the expiration of their terms of office?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  19. Opinion No. (2006) (2006)

    2. If so, to what extent may such commissioners participate in or attempt to influence the airport commission's or city council's consideration of proposed revisions to the hangar rental rate structure?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports
  20. Opinion No. (1997) (1997)

    1. May a director of an irrigation district contract with the district to obtain private construction services performed by the district valued at $29,000 in exchange for terminating a preexisting obligation of the district to repair a bridge located on the director's property, where such repair services are valued at $47,000?

    Court: California Attorney General Reports

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